Monday, December 26, 2011

The Lost Insane

Inspiration: Thinking about voices in your head
Word: Knew

I never knew
you weren't suppose to hear voices
So I never knew it wasn't okay to talk to them
and I didn't know it wasn't okay to get angry with them
So I thought it was okay to hate them
and I never knew it wasn't okay to hurt them
So I didn't know why everyone was so angry
and said that I must hate
and I never knew
how to hate me
I just always hated how they made me

i.e. Wordist

Inspiration:Thinking about words....its not the greatest poem...
Word: Words

I idolize words
I create worlds for them
only to be destroyed
or abused

Jumping to the Finish Line

Inspiration: I was feeling a sensation through my chest and back
Word: Tunnel

I felt a tunnel being driven through my heart
but I couldn't describe the pain
couldn't discern if it was pain
but sitting stern
I felt my back cave
as the two plates of my spine
broke into pieces
I was open
For a moment
left broken
but ended affirming the fact
that I could now
only be

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christ Lights

Inspiration: Looking ay my Christmas lights, oh and it's Christmas
Word: Lights

I always loved how Christmas lights
danced across the wall,
Dropping small candy size
bulbs of glee,
Illuminating a simple scene
like Jesus did,
laying in an unfit manger
not made for a king
but sparkling
brightly, tarnishing the ugly of the scene
like the Christmas lights do

The Needy

Inspiration: I feel kinda yucky right now.
Word: Hate

She hated everything
her thoughts were eroded
with the sad color of misery
there was no joy behind her eyes
and she sat there pleading for pity
but only got more grief
she was mistaken for nothing
and took nothing but remorse
her lips were coated shut
with petty sayings and greed
she got nothing
but had everything
yet she cried
in need

A Water Poem

Inspiration:  Going to the beach, and the water being perfectly cold and the day being hot.
Word: Present 

It was a melody of passion
and a cool blue water scent
Sparkling with white diamonds
of pressure pushing stillness
I took heed in it-
and allowed my back to lavish
in the chilly surplus of what it felt like
to release-
I dived in what took away my tension
and allowed the cold
to flow between my legs
I clenched as the sensation entered me
I allowed it to take over my body
and wrap me in a convoluted excellence
I shook shortly as my pores were grazed
with the strong breath of the wind
I took it all in,
and rode the brim of the vibrations
I let the scene wash into me
and forgot all thoughts of
What it meant to exist
I exiled reason
And centered on being

Simple Love

Inspiration: Looking at my thumbs
Word: Fingers

Sometimes my fingers flirt
They fidget and graze
And touch and embrace
Just like humans do,
my fingers interlock, 
humans do that too-
we call it lovin' 
fingers call it touchin'

Sunshine Poem

Inspiration: Looking at the colors on my blouse
Word: Sunshine

I wish I could create sunshine
Because I would lay her in my tub
and soak her in
I’d breathe still
and let her spirited rays
dazzle my ready body
In an assortment of
iridescent speckles
I would become sunshine
and deliver myself proudly
to those with eyes tenacious enough
to take my fervor in
I would bare myself
with a tinged grace
And bow often to my stares
of marvel
No one would shade me
They’d only lie still for a taste
of warmth not meant to be felt
But to be taken in fully

Nine to Five

Inspiration: Trying to come up with a poem
Word: Anything

I couldn’t come up with anything
My mind was robbed of everything important
And my thoughts had no nectar
And dripped dry
There was no tingle
Giving way to new ideas
Only a thick lump
That sat somewhere between
My heart and throat
I could write it off as anxiety
But this was more outrageous
I’d grown far from my originality
My creativity
My stern will to explore
My curiosity
I was losing me
I lost my meat
I gave it up for the regular
Nothing exquisite or spectacular
Just to be seen and perceived
As one of those ordinary


Inspiration: Thinking about a place where you don’t feel comfortable, reminded me of jail, although I don’t believe that everyone in jail is a disaster
Word: Comfort 

There was no sense of comfort there
Only anxious knees
And thought- belligerent disasters
Waiting to further be destroyed 
and internalized into nothing 


Inspiration:Thinking about what we do with our unconscious mind
Word: Unconscious

Sip on my unconscious dream
And deliver my disclosed thoughts
To my protected soul,
So I may gain freedom

Monday, December 19, 2011

The Thumbsucker

Inspiration: Thinking about the days when I use to suck my thumb
Word: Ease

She relied on it for
it provided an always promising
it brought along unhidden
and delivered her from being like the
it allowed her to sit comfortably
at ease
and this all gave her peace


Inspiration: Thinking about how sometimes when you sit really still, it feels like you are apart of the space and not in it.

Drip down into the black
circle with the curve
tip a little more
creak with the silence
be one like the chameleons
absorb into the scene
and practice remote moment
becoming nothing
in everything
surrender fully
to the will of your own measure
accept the forbidden
and begin to live with the knowing
become free in the practice
and dismantle all lingering grief

Aunt Sarah

Inspiration: Listening to Nina Simone's Four Girls
Word: Force

They called her Aunt Sarah.
She was the corner stone of black women
mimicked often, at other's faulty attempts to exude power
She was quick,
mostly with wit,
and lavished in respect
due to her uncanny will
to be nothing other than grace;
but not still grace,
or the kind that sat upright,
but graceful in the sense
that everything she did
had a fineness to it
She never walked with light feet,
but firm and apparent
She stood with bruises
that were sure to break her
but she was far from broken
Her face was etched with lines
that were more than stories
but experiences
She was strength
and epitomized what it meant
to take heed in her God given power
to be more than a woman
and more than black
but to be a force
shaken only by God himself
and they called her Aunt Sarah

Family Dinner

Inspiration:Thinking of this event that I went to, where everyone seemed so phony and pristine.
Word: Aloofness

The scene had a petty aloofness
it crowded at the seams
with ignorance and unordinary thought
meager begs for one to listen
corrupt skillfully
as mindless matters
ooze into the dried creases of ears


Inspiration: Thinking about accepting the fact that I am an outcast.
Word: Welcome

I have tendencies
unlike yours
I revoked my normality
to harness the unwinding
nature of my person

I take off my shame flooded corpse
and drown wondrously in the unright
essence swelling from the bottom of my feet

Stretching I fully embrace the love
given to me, by welcoming me

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Can I sing America?

Inspiration: Thinking of Langston Hughes Poem, I too sing America
Word: Conflicted

Can I say
that I'm dignified
because I too
am a darker brotha'
and I too, sing America,
but Can I say
that I'm dignified
When I only understand
the speakings of a white song
My own has been lost
too heavily assimilated into
a blood culture for
me to sing that spirtural song
that chant that you were saved from
that chant that we were made from
made our own
and became it
But now I, we, are conflicted
with what song to sing
what soul to be
whats left to be
and how to be

House of Mirrors

Inspiration: The overly pompous students at my school.
Word: Allowed

I allowed your thoughts
to become my presence
I got lost in the falsity
of your slander
I became adorned
with the grief of your lies
and the unhappiness in your life
I lived as a victim
of you misplaced judgment
I felt like rubbish
knowingly distraught
in a cacophony of

With a new day

Inspiration: Wakingn Up
Word: Freedom


A hundred of the same

Inspiration: Looking at people's sorority pictures on fb
Word: Same

same face
same heads
same grace
same heart
same mind
same thought
same life

Thursday, December 15, 2011


Inspiration: I was falling into sleep and for a moment right after I got woken up, I thought I was at home
Word: Sometimes

Sometimes I lay real still
and imagine being home

Sometimes rio talks in her sleep
and rocks and kick her fee

Sometimes my back will hurt
heavy and tired

Sometimes I'll take a nap
15, in cycles

Sometimes I'll sleep a little
dream a little too

Sometimes I'll have a reoccurring one
cry and holler for a few

Sometimes I'll have a thought
I'll get up and write some lines

Sometimes I'll feel inspired
and sip on some wine

Sometimes I'll laugh a little
and hurt away the tears

Sometimes I'll  start rhymin'
and jump in with a dance

Sometimes I'll keep writin'
thoughts walking in my head

Sometimes I'll finally ease
my way back into sleep

Sometimes I'll have a good dream
and feel descended in sweet slumber

I Wonder

Self Love

Inspiration: Thinking of the character Janie in my favorite book
Word: Janie

Everyone thought Janie grinned for Teacake
but I think she grinned for herself
See I think she was willfully lost
in her constant love for herself,
the knowing of it never disappearing
although it was once stolen
(tried to be)
but just long enough
for her to know the worth in it

See I believe Janie grinned for Janie
because life took her lover
and she loved harder with bestowed wisdom
I believe Janie grinned for Janie
because she learned the beauty in gray waters
and dipped freely into bitter life
understanding the outbreak of newness
that would be tomorrow
I believe Janie loved for Janie
because she knew only her one love
and Gods love
could console tighter that the makings
of any outward connection

Bright Light

Inspiration: Looking directly into my lamp

Peer timidly into the whiteness of the strain
squint with focus into the hurting distance
Embrace the pain
evoke it
when the ache hits you
fuck it
it robbed you
you knows it

The Gossiper

Inspiration: I took off my bracelets and they made a smiley face like this 8 O
Word: Open

          op en
            w i d e

Felt obliged -to say it
obligated -to derate it
mere thoughts
of the receding
exalting into the humbled hearts
of the wise
revealing truth,
swallowed up bullshit too

Killed Intrepidity

Inspiration: Thinking of something that was broken, but not shattered
Word: Hung

I stepped on the broken
crushing the already spineless
drooping the wilted
I hung like black knees

My broken's apparent
but my souls never shattered

There was a laugh

Inspiration: I writing this really short, to the point poems
Word: Buried

Laugher did exist in her
but buried.
Etched into a place
where no wrath sat

Black Sheep

Inspiration: Letting my thoughts wonder, How I feel at Mizzou
Word: Inverted

Inverted criminals
outwardly hidden
like diamonds

Scratch It

Inspiration: My leg was itchy

built up

Outward Girl

Inspiration: This photo

She was naked
breast prominent
still face
waiting eyes
fixed gaze
skin clean
lips frigid
present bags
tears apparent
lost smile
cheated face
glare steady
yearned embrace

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Rhytmhic Blues

Inspiration: That great feeling of being weightless
Words: Culminating

Rhythm and Blues
were like a climatic funnel of deliverance
one sparking with quick pulses of culminating discloser
the other eroding vastly
into the massaged cushion of

One Blood

Inspiration: Thinking of the word Blood, Jesus, and the Rwanda Genocide
Word: Blood


Keep Me Nameless

Inspiration: Moving things around
Word: Words

Cut my words around in disorder
dismantle the poison in my lips
or let me self-destruct
like that famous monster did

Sunday, December 11, 2011


Inspiration: Thinking of At Last by Etta James
Word: Free

Effervescent deliverance
sprang from the crossing
where my thighs met

I was free
and like Etta
my love
had come along
but not in the shape of a man,
or a woman for that matter-

but see I was what mattered
knowing me, and
who I is
was the biggest deliverance
myself could give me

Now, in this moment
no soul could tempt me
into lovin' them, more than myself,
healin' them while neglectin' my health

I have come along
at last, at last
my life, is now a song
became it.
I will
sing a simple melody
led and chorused,
by me
love hangs, around my neck
and this sweet notion
gives me peace

The loneliness
had shown me bliss
I learned to take comfort in it,
the silence
it was almost simple minded it
but it's cleared away gray skies
and delivered highly present lines
of blue
a rich blue creating a haze
that felt good to be burnt by

To relieve, relive really,
the tantalizing touch of the glaze
I melt like cold ice in the Sahara
dripping happily into a puddle
of my own surrender
into the subtleness of tranquility

Through the terror of the beast,
I was able to find
an untouched beauty

Monday, December 5, 2011

I am the underdog

Inspiration: Someone asked me for a college textbook for free...?
Word: Poor

am a poor man
in a rich man's world

am a quiet man
in a loud man's land

am a still man
in a quick man's field

am an unlearned man
in a lettered man's universe

am an unfit man
in a fit man's arena

am an ugly man
in a good looking man's society

am an imperfect man
in a perfect man's realm

am a content man
in an unhappy man's world


Inspiration: I don't know, I guess thinking about why we forgive
Word: Forgiveness

There is laughter in the sound of forgiveness
sometimes a hint of pity
but pitied laughter doesn't create ease

Friday, December 2, 2011


Inspiration:Thinking about writing figuratively
Word: Pain

I wish I could write away the pain
have enough ink to illustrate-
the endless steep, 
of bare notions
unable to be explained
but something like nothingness,
and a tinge of lonely-
people who don't really know me 
Maybe a drop of fear?
and a couple of spot on tears. 

I wish I could tell it,
story book like
maybe a ghost
and a black night?
That gets all fixed in the end,
mamma tucks her sweetly in bed
and kisses he head.

Or perhaps with cartoons,
all moving rapidly 
too quick to notice shit
or the depths of regret
just fixin' all their mess
with a snap
and a few clicks-

If I clicked my heels
where would I go?
I have no home to know
nobody who knows
the roots 
of my soul

I tell it broken
harsh blunt 
no bullshit
no sprinkles of sugar
no bushes to erode it
I've been through hood shit 
sung my name in vain 
disgraced my fame
(I'm riddled with shame)
the only thing I paint
is the makings of my face
as I attempt to imitate 
a person with grace 

This is the beginning 
not the end though
shit gets real though
and fear has no window
so sit back 
park your cadillac  
couter vagina or scrotum
yea I said that
and listen 
not hear
fuck hearin'
just listen. 


Inspiration: Thinking about how we tend to let peoples thoughts alter our emotions 
Word: Thoughts 

I allowed your thoughts
to become my presence 
I got lost in the falsity 
of your slander
I became adorned
with the grief of your lies
and the unhappiness in your life
I lived as a victim
of your misplaced judgment 
I, felt as rubbish 
knowingly distraught
to ringed out 
for positive thoughts
I gave you my power
sold you my passion 
I loosened my pride
and abided by none
So heavily, I hung
no rope 
no ties
just by
white lies 

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Exit List

Inspiration: My feelings towards Mizzou
Word: Escape

Can I escape?
just riddle
behind the masses
bold and black
from being that
Just coexist
with the non existent
be persistent'
I wanna be like
the forbidden
just unspoken
and fun livin'
wanna get cloudy
like in heaven
sorry now
I'm beggin'
I just want to be allowed
to get busy
and create clouds
to breathe
in my own scent
without feelin' like a
I just want to be
and unseen
with no deals
not apparent

Still Mind

Inspiration: Having anxiety.
Word: Calm

All I ever wanted
was to feel it
with ease
could I ever be so gifted
could such beauty be granted
could my fearfulness relinquish
my spirt,
and allow me
to indulge eagerly
in such a sweet


Inspiration: That same lady began to play her drum.

quick quick stop
jam dance
move grove
jame rock dance move
unwind, rewind
quick jam dance move
wiggle laugh dance
smile dance jam
laugh dance jam

dance laugh dance laugh grove

Fondle My Drum

Inspiration: This lady walked pass me with a drum.
Word: Beat

Beat my drum
make me come
with ease
taste my
dance love
dance love
beat the works
of my drum

Love in quick time

Inspiration: I want to write it like one of those flip sketch books that tells a story.
Word: Look

turn, look

no touch

heat look stare
stuck one

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Inspiration: I always tend to feel like an outcast.
Word: Blessing

There was no feeling like it
It was somewhat kin to
an empty pit of sorrow
longing to know comfort

Something like,
for an endless time
with all words lost,
in a soiled swamp of worthlessness

It was worthlessness in fact,
if looked at wrong
it could be perceived as helplessness
due to the lack of attempts
to break the nullity
to become non void

It was a speciality
a uniqueness
an astonishing unconventionality
it was a blessing

to know nothing of the norms
of the living

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

She Was a Vision

Inspiration: I'm not sure but I believe I was thinking of someone's reaction and a old films.
Word: Reaction

She was a reaction
She captured life and exuded it-
like quick rain

Remembrance and exposures,
to certain happenings,
floated like diamonds
betwixt her thighs

She thought of life
got lost in it
became it

Her essence allowed the
first scene to be shown
to the unseen

Revealing a beauty
only saw in realness

(I realize this is terrible....)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fly High

Inspiration: I can't remember (This is meant to be read fast)
Word: Fly High.

They told me to fly high
and break free
So I did so, do so
Not hastily just
with a passion
of floating foreva'
and embracing the disgrace
of my familiarity,
I mean to break it all free-
I'm flyin' so I'm dyin'
killing all humbling thoughts
of a never better tomorrow-
My demons flee from me,
run towards a dream to escape me
to hurt some devastatingly young
fetus, with no thoughts of tomorrow
just thinking its own life the greatest,
it rapes it, quick hatred
just to teach it, how to escape it
so when the hated fetus grows old enough
to make it,
It flys high,
to break free

My Trap Song

Inspiration: Thinking about how lost people get in music.
Word: Trust.

Allow me to dream an implicit thought.
Make nothing of my thoughtless ramblings,
Only value the lyricism of my almost sincere heart.
Do not trust me,
just cruse along smoothly
with the melody of my rhyme,
As I eagerly control your mind
wind it
up, down, around
slow, move quickly, as I
hype you up on yo' feet
get you bumpin'
to my beat, literally
I've got a nice control
over you-
You rollin' like I taught you to,
chorused with the rest of who-
lost their now tinged since of realness
to indulge in a fake generalized illness


Inspiration: Thinking of what of what a safe relationship means
Word: Reassurance

It was more than a touch.
The gentle serenity tore a small
puncture into my thoughts,
where the supreme nature of another being
poured ingredients of sound laughter into the depths
of my untouched song.

Sitting stilly,
it felt as though I had tilted my head back,
and allowed for a rhythmic blues
to sprinkle purple rain down the center
of my spine.

I was more than touched
by the tender gesture of my outward layer
being woken up only
to drift to sweet sleep,
not laboriously,
just simple, with ease
with no upsetting parts of me,
just a blissful satisfaction.

An appreciation for warmth
now covered me,
My arms squeezed tightly together
surrounded by a subtle force
allowing me to sense reassurance.

Having faith in an ideal of a never changing
my thoughts became lost
in the touch of my being
becoming overcome by warmth.

I had an unprideful gratitude
for the elapsed unceasing idea of
I have been given the gift
of an aura of safeness
dripping from every part
of our relationship.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Remember Me in Peace

Inspiration: Looking at a photo of my pops.
Word: Remember

Setting through his eyelids
was the ever longed for dream
that his life may be remember
in peace

Monday, November 7, 2011

To The Masses

Inspiration: I love telling people they're beautiful
Word: Beautiful.

If I could elongate myself
to speak to every soul
I'd whisper,
hello lovely, you're beautiful

Careful Dreaming

Inspiration: So I've been daydreaming a lot. Consequently, I've used wonder and wander in both the previous poem and this one. Also Kayne's All Falls Down
Word: Wonder, Wander.

Her stare was distinct.

Her glaze apparent,
she was looking for something
not known of in her familiar world.

She was searching for a rarity
unseen, but felt.
She was thinking thoughts
of a place
that resembled the wander
in her wonders.

So she slipped her shades on.
and in that she dived into
a being that resembled cool.
She felt herself.
She swung her hair,
lifted her skirt,
and became something of her wander
she truly began to wonder.

Had no reason for motion,
just moved to keep up
with the concept of an
ill derived notion.

She sipped on potions,
licked on pops-
She wondered how her body could
so steadily unsteady

Her breaths became weary
her chest became heavy
Her body became a MilkyWay,
Chocolate hard body
filling up
with something ungodly
from God.

Her thoughts wandered,
but this time to escape the
dream of her reality,
to return to what was real-
Quickly while wondering
to another indecent exposure,
her legs left her
and before her
came a dream
that was given life
through the wonder of her wanders.

Careful Dreaming


Inspiration: Day Dreaming in the Mu Women Center
Word: Drift.

Sometimes I drift-
I slowly unravel
and seep down
into an uncontrollable
knowing of non existence.
Happily I escape the realness
and thoughtfully imagine
the thrills of an unfit reality.
I gently sink my feet into such
a short untouched wonder,
and wander off into
blissful imagery, that I can only see here.
I allow myself to be here, and be still.
I live it, as if it were real.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

I Am Queen

Inspiration: What it feels like being me
Word: Here

Always walkin' on tip toes
hesitantly swaying my weight
from toe to toe

quickly moving-
short breaths
by heavy breathing

I'm here, ya know?
Did you feel my presence?
Did you recognize my vibe?
Could you see
the trouble
behind my eyes...

I'm here, ya know!
yet neglected
because of such an
outward appearance
I'm here, ya know!

Square on-
Roundly dancin' in yo' face

I'm here, just like the rest,
but better,
I'm here, strivin' for the best
but harder,
I'm here, lovin'
but more fiercely
I'm here, livin'
but real-ly
but the reality
of my livin'
won't accept me-
the reality
of my livin'
won't look at me-

I'm not right enough
for the righteous,
but the righteous here
know no right
but the us in them exclude me.

I'm not the typical copy
of a reflected adolescent-
I've learned to walk slow
not press into the world
with too much of my soul-
I've learned to drip
my lavish tastiness
so that all may learn
how to savor it!

I'm savoring me,
saving me!
Erupting my beauty
caressing my heat-
My strength
weights down the burden
of an ill sung song,
my lips quack a melody
too furnished with un malice whisperings
for you to follow along.

Hung on my neck
is a sign of force
driven to my chest
where you'll find
no more remorse
carried through my arms
where I've written off my mistakes
dropped off at my hips,
where I allow the world to embrace
flown down to my legs
where I hold thunder with lightening
stumped down to my feet
where no man can keep up
with such a rhythmic

I've got that
so much of it that
no one can erode my sweet.

I am a queen
and gracefully, I accept all challenges
and will convey what was such a defaced message,
of what it means to be
such a dazzling
human being

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Truth about Forever

Inspiration: A long relationship

Just because it's been so long,
doesn't mean it'll last forever...

Hard Body

Inspiration: Tihs dead roach in my dorm hallway
Word: Dead

There is something very
inside here
There's a sound of heartbeats
but no sight of living
there is something, very
inside here

Someone has suffered
from a windfall
can't get up...
Can't live
Something has lost
life, inside here
Dwelling in a pool
of nothingness

Don't give it no meaning though
Doesn't mean a thing though
The lost have gone, and died in there
No one's got no feeling
needs some healin'
Can't you hear em, see em
the lost dead souls are pleading
lookin'for some-one
to releve em

Saturday, October 22, 2011

If I could Sing

Inspiration: I really wish I had the ability to sing
Word: Sing

If I were to sing
I would do so proudly
digesting the sorrowful
of the people
regurgitating a rebellion
against such an encrypting

I would sing
a tune of a powerful fight
Hoping to create
a rippling chain of change
Save one
save a thousand
Help one
render no ashes
No more ashes-death
only the overwhelming
thought of love
can take you-
sung by a melody
haunted by a rhythm

I would pump an insightful
sound of life
into he deepest bone marrow-
all your insides would sing too-
they'd know the hushed sound
of a dream learning to flourish
through the gift-the joy
of singing

Message of Sound

Inspiration: This Haha Tonka Concert
Word: Faint

Play my faint-God felt tune
up to God
Deliver it to the masses
Let the angles see my passion
Entice the world to favor
my fervor
and fashion my ration-
Hum what I'm about
pretty singer
exude my
message of sound

To be, or not to be, LIFTED

Inspiration:The idea of your mind jumping from one state to another

i. Hectic explosion of an interesting thought
dancing off toward an adventure-turned nightmare
forced back into a dream, see
this is reality-lifted

ii. I sometimes think of troubling thoughts,
nothing whimsical, sometimes imaginative-
I'm troubled-it shows-
I'm low in two senses of the word,
relatively and emotionally,
So I, Get

iii. Lifted
I'm off into an only here, tangible idea,
where you can't draw sense from things,
but I can
I can do anything-and most importantly
believe it,
when I'm-Lifted

iv. Soaring down-downwards
but for-real this time,
shining dully, lack of luster
Flustered, scrappy, no shine
No polish-
Put, some makeup on
Paint, your face on
Be pretty now
because, pretty girls
don't, get

v. LIFTED-dicted-not addicted
it's not that style
only leaves you smiles
no rims of bleach trails
or tracks of run down lines-vines
Just lifted, thinking maybe,
even sleeping-best you ever had
naw never sad up there- Just lifted

vi. Down now-
but still a quiet still
But necessary.
All manic thoughts
come to a monstrous halt
but I, we, you, me-one really
are no longer lifted
just chillin'
in our melancholy existence
trying to determine
whether or not
to be, or not to be,

Friday, October 21, 2011

Severed Notion of One

Inspiration: Journalism class
Word: Intolerance

The intolerance of thee
creates a rebellion in he
inspiring a community
that has no will
to be

Death Wish pt. 2

Inspiration: I was feelin purty good : )
Word: Effervescent.

I became Uplifted
foundling the thought
of my spirit being effervescent  
glowing-pouring heaps of light
too bright
for you to put your eyes one
Too hype- for one
to bite on

My spirit became illuminated
and soared through the night
equipping the sky with thunder
I- was thunder-stirred up wonder

See I, once said that
When I die
I want the world to wonder
but my slumber
doesn't have to develop
into a detaining creak
for the world to- see my name
be my name-know it, love it
be about it

Lust after your own dust
be more contagious then
you must. Get lifted.
Soar baby soar, get with it
maybe more

It's time, time
time that was my time-yours
now to stretch open your chest
be disgustingly your best
and let your radiant
your niche-shine
thats the only death wish
my heart does possess

Monday, October 17, 2011


Inspiration:That feeling, when you almost don't feel anything
Word: Worthless

Here I stand
shoulders, gentile legs
juxtaposed against
a hard unmoved surface
feeling worthless

Death Wish pt. 1

Inspiration: Thinking about people want when thy die.
Word: Wonder

When I die,
I want them to wonder.

(short an really ambiguous but I want it that way)


Inspiration: That feeling you get when you feel like your past or demons catch up to you. I was inspired by a piece my friend Bri Painted.
Word: Broken.

My tear ducks swell
in remembrance of my
half forgotten memories
languishing in thought
but thriving in effect

Does your heart tremble like mine does?
Cus mine does, steadily

I just want to hide
behind brick walls and Tarot cards
to dim my reality
so lonely-I'm phony
lost sense of what I've done
or who I be

Couldn't see me
Can't you heal me?
Help me! Free Me!

Devote your ears to learn
of my demoted tongue
and of all the hurt it's sung
about to empty crowds and
withering massess-
truth is I can't talk to anyone
I can't find anyone
I don't see no one who knows me
who loves me
because I love so freely
eagerly pouring out my all
always suffering from a windfall
of nothingness of not even remorse
just a dry ringed out notion
that simply means that I'm the only one
wrong enough
to care about me

My broken
's so broken
I'm lost in the moment
trying to withhold the last of me
the last of the pieces that show a slight
resemblance to my soul,
but who knows
I'm lost, its lost ya know?

So now I lay brokenly
openly, down
for all to see,
because I'm too split-shattered
to gather the rest of these broken pieces
and try to rebuild me

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Parts of Living

Inspiration: One of those relationships your in that only benefits the other person
Word: Vile

The pivotal point in my acceptance for you
occurred when I sought respect
and you returned to me a distended
vile look, that expressed no appreciation
for my generosity

[Part One]
I was cool, as were you
but I sensed a competition within our energy
I felt tension with my familiarity, with my
uncontrollable love ability.

[Part Two]
I held back, I knew you couldn't handle-nor wanted to
my tendency to dwell in a sweetest exuding a realness 
that would overwhelm you. 
So I never let you in, but you did fully, (foolishly) 
You tried to pull me into your tide of futile 
foul play. Your head had gone astray,
but you were cool with it, 
you had to, you had no you, you didn't know you-
You left the you you had to be bad-
pierced up tatted up legs swinggin' bad-
Ass with no thunder, head with no wonder 
swaddled up in a arms with no luster. 

[Part Three]
You began to lean on me, need me-
and I accepted that
but rejected it really
I hadn't known love
you hadn't stability
so the result was an undesirable dream team
I couldn't derive at an ending
you wouldn't let go of the beginning-

[Part Four]
Then the day came
in which you asked for more of myself
that I was willing to give
Your idolization of yourself
had restricted me from living
because my being was backed into a corner
in which only God could see, but he kept me
truly from hurting you, like I wanted to do
Every bloodline in my body couldn't stand you
You had ran through, my spirt, and done away with it
you elasticated my heart, until it no long meant anything

Well I recreated me
and it had no you in it
I respelled my name
and ridded myself of shame
I took all of you and parted it up
so you would become to me
just as broken as you always looked

My invisible Cloak

Inspiration: Anxiety 
Word: Barren 

So I sat there barren 
too wrought to pull off my grief
covered in a prickled skin 
of devilish sentiment 

My heart was thunder
quaking a simmering beast
that had lost no sleep
I was in heat

I surrender all 
my all 
was tainted
dirty, wrong 
to dismantled to mistaken
for person
's reason 

I had reason
didn't I?
for bein' 

Bein' here.
Bein' Me. 
I thought I had given my everything

Thats a lie though
I truly tried though

I couldn't even do that for me
Scared me-
threatening me?
Questing me,
for who I be?

Unspoken truths
spread like semen 
secrets but no reason
worryin' about leavin 
this place
these demons

So it's time that all take note
that I desire nothing else
no rubies no gold
I will unletter the demons the ghost

Will no longer the midst defile my sleep
I will be like the non living among dead

I will rise up swinging a white towel over my head
and let it glaze over the brim of my back
as I retire to my invisible cloak 

Thursday, October 6, 2011

My Nonlinear Apology

Inspiration: Thinking about feeing forced to be sorry.
Word: Sorry

So this is my, "I'm sorry poem"
this is the poem,
in which I'm expected to
apologize, recognize,
and express regret for
unusual but necessary activity
that resides, dives, and will not die
within me.

This is the poem in which,
I ramble
and gamble,
my morality-my person-
in an effective (not really) effort
to reserve a friendship, an (acquaintanceship really)
that I may have with you.

Well listen
You, one is expected to become them,
then enjoy and develop a since of standards,
and once you decided my standard didn't fit your norm
you preceded to enlightened me-
with the upright notion, that it was my right,
(my duty really) to praise upon you and apology, an "I'm Sowry."

Well I'm sincerely sorry
because my lips can't touch
and my tongue can't twist
to form such absolute bullshit

But real with it,
I don't apologize
and I won't objectify my realness
my il-ness, to provoke a you that is satisfied-
gratified with my deprecation into a still functioning creator
that has no will to be nonlinear

Think Actively

Inspiration: Looking at my ipod's shattered screen, and my wooden desk.
Word: Effervescent

Create an effervescent
elapse of thought
and distend it onto
the mountains of a shattered body-
Broken from the heavy arm
and reflecting apart,
from stomached lifelessness
forced by a living bulging from the lifeless

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Inspiration: Thinking about Wisdom  growing overtime
Word: Wisdom

Wisdom cultivates overtime
into a matted head of wool
waiting to be plucked out

Serene Fear

Inspiration: Continuing a thought I had on "What the Water gave Her"
Word: Gruesome.

The scene was gruesome.
And to be feared.
But the serenity
and acceptance of the lost
created an unnatural peace.
-One could acquire
Through an eyesight of a lifetime
of strife.
Only once the grift
is flushed
and the remanence remembered-
Can One
Be. Delivered.

What the Water gave Her

Inspiration: So I was sitting in my bathtub thinking about Frida Kahlo's painting "What the Water Gave Her" check it out
Word: Fear

There was no fear here.
Just a bottomless watery grave-
stuffed with demons,
and lined with lies.

There was no fear here,
because the premiss of it has been erased,
and it's remains had been accepted.

A body sat swaddled-
being delivered only by the heavy wave
of water unsealing the sealed,
that lied between each crease.

Unleashing the death and disease-
that riddled the corpse.

As the water stood, the story unraveled.

Murky blue crust developed-
from the pulse of a disgusting heap of happenings-
That quickened with every breath,
rippling down to a crimson red bed-
where disaster was.
Where death loved...

Where all done was done
and where the past had erected-
into a translucent ghost
seeping from the eyelids of the seen
and becoming the being
that stood ungracefully still
in the water of an forlorn

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Prophet

Inspiration: The phrase "dine on the divine"
Word: Divine

Today I will dine on the divine
I will then sit and exude a presence
that will enlist you to taste my flavor

Absorb my aura and sense my greatness
because my likings are ever-pleasing

My fingertips bleed fervor
upon the lips of the unlettered
enlightening a parched yearn for understanding

I will equip thee's soul for the coming
I will converse with the heartbeat
allowing it to speak
and exchange with it rhythm for thinking thoughts
of an out of tune beat

I will replicate the drama
and form sights of the lost
to distil all misheard truths
and fight power with law

I will love man
I will become it, and seep
into its hollowed deeps
of where distraught souls dwell, and sleep

I will again pour my luster
in the deaths of the creeks
inspiring the death, the silenced, and the weary
to rise up and speak

I will be the power
as well those around me.

I will take notice of thy's speech
and absorb, as the practiced unlearned

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Inspiration: Thinking about how people go to visit a place and only see the resort.
Word: Sun

The horizon sun sat listening,
tending humbly to the soft soul of the wanting.
I began to crave for bitter days
because the yellow burnt through my savoring pain
and kept me shaken with gladness.
The omnipresent spawns of it
disabled my lids from rising,
kept me hiding from the truth of the heat.
So I was cluelessly in love with scorched trees
and deprecating beads of sweat-
that sat dangling upon the heads of the sun burnt black,
and those who couldn't indulge in such pretty drapings of
their own blood spread through yards of fabric,
creating an iridescent crimson touch.
The blaze was too much, from the sun and the blunt.
The simmering sweet lie of paradise,
began carving across my soul shifting sharply towards my eyes
making me realize-
I began to realize real lies, and see the sorrow swept eyes
that teetered across the pretty, living a sawdust of hurt.
Such dust was now apparent as my lids began to rise.
I could now see the evil, the demise of a people
and it was evident, it was real.
In the dirt, the hurt, the blood and the sorrow
this place, paradise, was made real.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Live a Dream

Inspiration: This was the second half of the previous poem I write, but I decided to split it up.

We live a tangled life
tinged with nothingness
and the hate of the lifeless.

But open footprints,
of the strong and the life rich
linger in the mouths of those dreamin'-
Giving a gratifying sense of thought
for tomorrow and the rest-
to enlarge their notions of themselves
and become that
and incline others to be it.

So in simple, dream baby
and be inspired by the electric thrill of life too. 

And tomorrow and then on

Inspiration: An incident with my roomie, and You are not alone by MJ.
Word: future

The shadows of the dark have come
but allow me to come closer

Can I sit with you?
Let me,
Allow the presence of me to invade you.

Breathe easily now, take comfort in this,
embraces the newness of tomorrow-
accept the grief of today.
There's no room for sorrow on the pages of the future-

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Unbelievable Truth

Inspiration: This poetry exercise I did at around table I partake in.
Word: Motorcycle

When I was three,
I rode a motorcycle
and although I was burnt,
I rode that sick ride
till' the death of it.

The death was to be, unspoken,
as was the ride.
But I, like her,
found the bite of it tantalizing.

I was quick
head high, suffering
from the heat of the engine,
the roar beneath my feet..

I was sick, cool with it
the knowledge of such forbidden knowings
about forbidden doings-
gave me a satisfying,
unclean Joy-
made me latch onto the shallowed deepness
of my insecurities.

You're strong, The Wind said to me, as I coasted down the drive-
Live Long.
Begin Ahead.
Become an innocent in your new life.
The Drive

Monday, September 19, 2011

Lady Black

Inspiration: Listing to this poem by Alysia Harris
Word: peel

Let's peel off the last remanence of our skin tonight.
Uncover your closure and bare nakedly your chest
and all the rest
as we gently unravel the darkness of our beauty
and plaster it,
on all the walls,
in all the malls,
on all the faces of a half built beauty, nation
on an idea stemming from
lowness and sorrowed greif.
Let's peel off the last remanence of our skin tonight.
and show it,
(flaunt it really)
to the outside readers
to the incredulous non believers.
Let's invoke the young dreamers
to not dream of anything not worth
hoping for
like a whitar' sorry complexion
that black folk disguise their own hate
for each other, one another in.
Let's peel off the remanence of our skin tonight,
and attempt to boast about the darkness of it
gloat about the chocolate in it
revote about the ugliness
that's associate with it.
Because I found a winner,
and I call her a black beauty. She's Lady Black
And she is no one's idealistic thing of what beauty is.
She holds the ambience of all of us
born brown and doesn't discriminate with tints.
She gives power and authority,
and rebuttals the arguments of society.
She is the true black beauty queen.
Folks have attempted to dismantle her beauty
by contorting it and degrading it,
but the remanence of her and her glorified brown skin
reside in all of us, woman and man,
who call ourselves

Sunday, September 18, 2011

He is the truth

Inspiration: I was kinda agitated.

Distrust and agitation
fueled my love for you-
I was a misguided fool,
I wrongly confused
sexual tension
with sexual healin'-
Thought if I got a quick fix in
that I would no longer miss him
miss it -
Disguise this disgusted feelin'
I've trapped myself in-
I'm now swaddled by a distraught life
of disastrous strife-
My blatant insecurities
keep me from controlling
the darkness of my surroundings,
and because of that
I'm drowning-
The only life line that can save me
is denying the idea
and accepting the truth-
of what I've made my life to be
of what I've made you to be
of what a lie I've made us out to be
and swallow the undesirable fact
that you and I
are not meant to be

Thursday, September 15, 2011

My letter to Poetry

Inspiration: This young lady Jesse Told me I should right two happy poems for every unhappy poem I have, so I'm trying
Word: Poetry

Dear Poetry,
It's about time that we've spoken,
I mean we've been sorta vibin' with each other
for a while now
rhymin' with each other
for some time now.

Hey Poetry,
there's so much I have to say to you
so much I've already said through you
so much I've already gained from you.

Now Poetry,
please allow me now to,
smash the rhyme scheme-
and break it down for you.

See I was never in love
never sought for much,
because in you,
I had a forever knowing,
of a glorious unlimited playground.

With my head high-
and my chest wide,
You were just waiting for me to ponce
like a hungry school child
waiting to crunch through a fresh sheet of snow.

Never no wasn't ever responded to me
when I came to you.

Your omniscience gave me
a never ending reel of possibilities
to get lost in-
to create escapes in-
to forget about the hate in-
and to forget about other things
which I'll let remain nameless...
And just leave between me and you,

Because see you know we got that private conversation
the sort John and Marylyn were tangled in
but not faulty and nasty like the government one we're in

And poetry you would never lie to me, (couldn't)
I trusted you, so I let it all hang out with you
till it came to the point
where you understood and knew me
more than the makings of myself.

Your sweet words and proverbs
moved me, still do.

They took me on journeys
to the moon
so I could add in a twist of Thi
to cover up a half told lie
so we could forget about what happen-
(between certain thighs)
and the ones who died .

And Poetry,
how many times, have I cried to you
relied on you
survived through you.
Made things alright, because of you

And to this day,
I believe that you reside in me.
I mean there isn't any way that we couldn't be one
I mean you've sung my song louder than the haters did
and we know skinny bitches with malice wishes
can hate for days.

See Poetry,
I even joke with you
you taught me that
it anit gotta be the same sad ole' rhyme
all the time.

And finally Poetry
I give an enduring thanks to you.
A grateful praise to you.

Because of all the ways
you taught me to turn
industrial haze
of sorrowed eyes
and a scarred young life
into jewels like,
rubies and dimands
shinning now
after being heavily rusted over
by the will to survive
and the power to be made new
in you
for you are him
who see's us through.

Poetry I couldn't abate this world
without knowing you,
Your adverbs
and phrases
freed me.

And most importantly,
everything thing in me,
you allowed for,
saved me.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Journey with me

Inspiration: This poetry roundtable I attended
Word: solitude

If I slept through the night
drifting tastefully off, 
into a an ever cleansing sense of comfort
and tingling hurt of bliss-
Would you allow my radiant vibes
to create a complex
twine of solitude- 
for you to rest in
and gain peace in,
till the world ends.
Till my ride begins-

A Trillion Epic Nights

Inspiration: Talkin to my roommie

If every night you have is epic,
then all you'll have is an epic disaster
and a life long situation with no content

Be Aware

Inspiration: Noticing my surroundings.
Word: Aware.

I grow distinctly aware of my surroundings
when my insides begin to move,
to an uncomfortable beat.

I felt an undenying heat-
as I began to groove,
up the rhythm, and around my feet.

My body exuded deceit
sweet satisfactory-

Your body left craving-
the reminisce of my
unspoken ora.

I'm unfortunately tasty,
and you quiver
at the remarkableness
of my lustless desire for you.

I'm sorry,
I took no pride in you,
(no ride in you)
but I inspired you,
didn't I?

With my quick thighs
and the lowness of my eyes.

I was a beauty,
and you fell for it.
I was a dream,
and you lusted me.

So now I'm the contents of your mind
and you've forgotten how to tell time
when I'm not there.

But baby be aware,
that the insides of mine
don't think nor breathe
like that of your foolish

Never Will I

Inspiration: Thinking about what I stand for.
Word: Never

I Will Never
be conformed to a condition
in which I have taken no part in

I Will Never
expel my boundaries
to lie within yours

I Will Never
hurt my love
to gratify yours

I Will Never
dismiss my world
to be a presence in another

I Will Never
or depreciate
the beauty of my ora,
in order to be loved
or embraced
by another

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wonder With Me

Inspiration: I was in my journalism class not paying attention.

Wonder with me.
I'm off on a move,
you should be on-
I'm about to take loot
from my loved ones-

Wonder with me.
My endeavors are like
easily haunting after
the pretty
and the silly naive.

Are you ready?
for a faulty journey
of quick happenings
and quick happiness.

Don't Laugh to deeply,
don't breathe to steeply.
You're on a downward path
towards evil
with me.

But wonder with me now!
As we wonder wildly
and imaginatively
and change the burden
of our surroundings
with the false hope
of tomorrow
being brighter...

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Soul. Mind. and Body.

Inspiration: The skirt I'm wearing is really tight around my waist
Word: Tight.

Every part of me was tight,
including that,
but I rooflessly sat loosely
allowing the best of me
to break from me
to escape from me
to be apart of that
in which I wasn't.
And in truth,
should have had no part of it.
But the weightlessness of my thighs
strutted off with the pain of my mind.
So that part of me was done.
-New Chapter-
my looseness was now the only brim of me.
my ambience was apparent.
i became, no longer radiant.
my light began to dim
with the complexity of having
to waiver in between-soul and body,
and my soul, well like i told you it was done.
no longer dying, but now decomposing.
With the frighting image of my corpse, left eroding.
i was history,
see the looseness of my tight vesicle
took care of that.
the memory of me,
consisted of nothing joyous,
because i was eagerly ready to be free,
stupidly ready to believe
that my Soul, Mind, and Body
was not worth anything.

Stopping the Bleeding

Inspiration:Thinking about having to take your life into your own hands
Word: Care

If I sat here
and began to ramble,
how much would you listen?
How deeply would your ears pay attention-
would you care much?
Would you hurt much?..
If I hurt
if I began to cry
would your tears
lie aligned with mine?
As our cheeks soaked
in a melody of loveless hope.
(I didn't use soap that one time)
In thought that it might preserve
the rest of me from crumbling.
(Being destroyed)
Silly dying.
I forgot to tell you a lie
to confuse you,
I wanted my laugh to move you
make you stay with me...
Hoping I fooled you,
but the rest of it got the best of me.
You caught on to me.
Knew I was a fake,
knew I didn't know how to make my life quake.
You knew that I was too busy being dead.
Too busy being read- sorry songs,
of petty whispers
with hateful listeners.
See all I ever wanted,
was an agreement.
Something joint-
something shared-
something real-
But I've come to realize,
that my open eyes
scream of sorrow-
and that from today till' tomorrow
my life will bleed rapidly
until I heal it,
for me.

Sunday, September 4, 2011


Inspiration: Sitting outside under a tree on a 75 degree day
Word: Breathe

Breathe heavily
and accept thee.
Acknowledge the food
of your thoughts
and the strength in your walk.

Listen eagerly now
Take heed
in the beauty of things
enjoy the love in leaves
bring hope to these.

Float easily with the breeze
feel it, on the tip of your fingertips
on the top of your tongue
be strung-
out on the tantalizing feeling of forever
and the moment
for the moment has already begun
And in it, you have won
the ability to rehabilitate
and recreate
a new meaning for today-

For tomorrow
Don't settle in your old thoughts
don't meddle with your once fought
just love, live and remember to forgive.

Because not everything in life is worth havin'
but worth experiencin'


Inspiration: Watching this girl walk up the street and thinking about sitting alone

It's dark now
walk slow now
look around there
you're alone now...
but haven't you been that way
for a while now?
Keep steady now
your demons are commin' now
on the prowl now,
on the hunt now.
Touch your life now
are livin' it now
Are you in it now?
Do you know whats goin' down, now?
Startin' to cry now?
Oh you hurtin' now?
Yea they got you now?
Well at least you know now.
That they can swallow you whole now,
if you let them know you're feelin' lone now.
You just let them have your soul now.

Satan doesn't know my song

Inspiration: Thinking about how people really don't know you.
Word: My Song.

Satan doesn't know my song,
his demons don't know why I cry long.
I cry long-
for peace
for acceptance
to be rid of nullity.
Null and void
was enforced
when I loved thee.
The only thing thats holding me
is gluttony
I gluttonously loved thee
I needed too much from he-
I'd forgotten how much I needed me,
I was lost in the-
overwhelming appeal of it
I was pushed over by the hurt of it
Satan doesn't know my song,
his demon's don't know why I cry long,
I cry long-
for peace
for acceptance
to forget about
where my head's been.
To try to learn
to really live again.

Two Intertwining Loves

Inspiration: Thinking about my inspiration for writing poetry
Word: Solely

I could never say
that I could live in a world
with solely my poetry
because you see,
that's only half of me.
The other half is my people,
and together they combine perfectly.
Allowing me to flow from one to the other
creating patches and bridges
between the unsaid and the unloved
the unheard and the unsung
the unread and the unplugged.
See poetry heals graciously
and gratefully it brings to the people

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lingering Pain

Inspiration: That feeling when something that's been troubling you won't go away.
Word: Linger

So the linger of her teardrops,
wouldn't melt away.

They sat heavily on her-
swadling her
in array of lone feelings
and mis-managed dealings.

She hadn't figured it out yet,
she didn't know what this thing was about yet.

Lost and confused,
she let it weigh on her-
it stripped her name from her.

She became a prisoner to it
lost to it,
didn't have enough soul to run from it.

The lost one couldn't fight it,
it bit at her
happily, because she was clueless-
had no idea how to stop it.

She then became about it.
She allowed herself to return to it.

So it was no longer a linger
but it was her, she was it.

So she let her body decompose
as it.

It was kool

Inspiration: Thinking about how "kool" college is.
Word: Kool

It was kool when I talked to you
and you answered back
with an approach
to life
without the wack jokes

See it was kool when I looked at you
and you offered a smile
that read like Eddy King,
Seeing the dope man sing.

Man it was kooler,
to holler at you,
and watch you arch your back,
as you attempted to poke your chest out-
to be a man like that

It was even kooler to laugh at you
as I witnessed your hustle
and saw you try and muscle
your way into life's wonders

And it was fabulous to joke at you
(can't say kool for that)
as you realized you weren't entitled
and in fact you had to work

It was kool to stare at you
as I watched you grow,
from an ignorant young genital
into a man who knows-

And it was damn kool to get with you,
once you figure it out,
that this woman had filled you out
and taught you all about-

Whats kool,
and what's for fools
who rules
and how to fuel
your vesicle
with the koolest
of the real hustle

Crisp Apple Cider

Inspiration: One of the ladies in my dorm really likes apple juice, and I have to pee so..
Word/phrase:Apple Cider

Crisp Apple Cider-
was the only thing that could disguise the smell,
it was a remedy of loneliness and open ears
that I despised, yet lusted for.

It smelt like,
tear drops had fallin' there,
and landed like iridescent snow flakes
on sweet cheeks,
lined with sweet tea.

You  couldn't see me teeth,
they were covered by hateful
bars of metal attempting to fix my smile,
but I made it fit my style,
and I rocked it.

Everything done,
was to cover up the loniness,
that lingered there-
that stayed there-
that destroyed all the life there.

And the residue-
of the mess of you,
was very much-
still edged on my lips-
pressed on my hips-
stuck in my nest,
trapping me-
keeping me.

Elapsing over me,
from being

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Shadows of My Blood

Inspiration: Shadows

Stare closely
as the shadows
of my blood
spread rapidly

like hungry demons
looking for a hurtin' soul.

Quiet now
they're closer now
steadily becoming
more prevalent in your surrounding
my secrets are around thee
my demons are around thee
My shadows are becoming me.

Lust before Love

Inspiration: I started this poem a while ago, and never finished it
Word: Acceptance

All I ever asked for
All I wanted for
was on the tip of your tongue,
the graze of your breath.

But I couldn't access it
hack at it
hack into you.

See I was feelin' you
I was, likein' you style
your smile-
my fingers kept pressin'
as I called you
to hear that familiar bass
in your voice
one more again.

But again you dismissed me
to sprung out on that Hennessy
I was beggin' you to accept me.

And release your grasp
on your all too familiar flask
but you wouldn't have it...
you just had to have it

So I had to back away
from it
and you...

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Juice Box

Inspiration: So this girl in my dorm really likes apple juice
Word: box

If I could,
I would walk naked
on juice boxes
'til the weight of my toes
let out all its juiciness

If I could
I would walk naked
'til I found out where the juice was

If I could
I would walk naked
peering and pondering
your fondling
until I discovered why you wanted to
box it all up

If I could
I would walk naked
lean over
and take a long draw
and behold the ambience
of your straw

Monday, August 8, 2011

A Sentimental Mood

Inspiration: Listen to this as you read it,
Word: Speak

Speak your words
until I fall
the way
in love with them-
Let me roll my head back
and giggle,
As the coldness from your hands
sends chills up my spine-
Don't mind my quick smile
I have a knack for
or a lack of
frowns, when I'm fallin
in love-
Ya know you had me,
You spun me around and looked at me,
I oozed
a sentimental comfort
as my hair fell,
strand, by strand,
around the width of your hand-
I felt firm
when you grabbed me
It was like the sun was commin' up
inside me-
Insides burstin'
mouth thirstin'
body lusting
for the full embrace of you...
Just to have a taste of you
I wanted to caress you-
Caress me
as you have me,
Make me feel wanted and in love-
The mere gesture of your skin
touchin' mine
was enough to kill me-
Took my breath,
I inhaled as your love
slipped inside me,
Your tool denying me
and demanding it do all the work-
My body began to twirk
at the power of you
all the strength from you
took me,
up into a whimsical
dream better then love
we made our passion
seem better
than a fairytale
My body stood solid
as you told me
you loved me
and confirmed
this amazing
Sentimental Mood
I was feeling-

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Why Don't You

Inspiration: I was thinking about history I think.
Word: Screanin.

Why don't you,
tip toe on the backs of the screamin' graves
and listen to the stories of the unworthy
Aren't they filthy?
Did they scare you?
I bet they spooked you-

Why don't you,
tip toe into the scene 
and watch her scream as
his diabolic claws
tare through the barriers of an innocent-
Blood on the walls?
Don't run just-
watch the gun on your way out
pointing into the screamin' mouth
of the pretty brown babe
who tried to run from being made
Its not funny any more, is it?
The lifelessness of the names
plastered on every slave
plastered on every maid 
plastered on everyone, who, made us-
It's like we've always be pieces of clay
broken into conformity 
by a heavy kneading and a heartless beating 
Why don't you,
try to understand the feelings of
the lost as they lost 
the one that was their all.
See family had no root,
has no root,
because of the misplaced stem cells,
and the maddening white cells,
that creeped between young african thighs
and corrupted the blood line.
Why do they lie,
Would I lie?
About the quiet history
About this sick mystery
that brought us here,
that changed are lives
and provoked us to fight.
Why don't you,
sit down and watch the struggle,
Betta yet,
Why don't you,
get up and be apart of it,
Stop it.
Be more the N word,
and show the world the Nubian Prince
that your people were,
before they were sent into
a bottomless journey of conformity 
of losing their unconventionality 
of being forced to deny their own beauty.
Why don't you,
ponder the greatness that made us
and instill it in everyone who is you
and force it upon everyone who isn't you
and feed it, to everyone who won't acknowledge you
and be it 
instead of the you they created 

Sing to Me Baby

Inspiration: I was watching the Soul Train Awards : )
Word: Sing

Sing me a song
that sounds like a summer breeze
and that flows through your bones with ease-
Sing me a song
that will, touch every part of my body
and comfort it,
Make it feel more delicious than delicious ever felt,
Let me get warmth from it.
Can I dangle between the vibrations in your voice
and dance barefoot on the echos of your sweet melody
Your remedy of patience and of strength
make me reminisce about the power
betwixt my thighs
Can I get a high five?
Or a round of applause-
because baby, I just told you who was boss-
I schooled you,
with the way that I do what I do
and told you who's who,
in a relationship of
outlandish loving and unconventional titles-
I am the thread that weaves through our relationship
and makes its sturdy
while you, dangerous lover,
are that peculiar piece of cloth
that I took a liking to
decided that I wanted to do...
something with it
so I used you-
But not just to do you,
but to learn you,
so we can learn each otha,
grow togetha,
and become somethin' unearthly-
because baby, the world's simply unready
for our blazing love and the affect of our touch
Have you had enough?
Because I could go on forever with uninnocent ramblings
of the way you sing my love
song -
But I'll stop now,
because I've said a little too much now.
I'll let the eccentricities of our passion
stay quietly tucked under the belly of
our souls holding one anotha

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Toxic Waste

Inspiration: My mom sprayed air freshener and I could spell it.
Good: Linger

Lingering spirits of the unwanted
whisper to the unknown,
and form a type of bond
stuck firmly together
by hurting love and
innocent hearts
twisted into this existence
with a tinge of evil
but drenched in rushed lust
to make up for lost time
to make up for lost life
to overcompensate for
the unresolved strife
soon to come
and still to dwell
in their unsatisfying living.

Sunday, July 31, 2011


Inspiration: So I've tried really hard to finish on time this month! So I had to PUSH!
Word: Push.

Peace will come, when you Pray to the everlasting all, to give you Power

Understanding of Unfortunate circumstances will come, when you Urge yourself to explore the Unknown

Satisfaction will come, when you Stay on the right path and when you don't surrender to the demons that may Surround you.

Heaven will come, when you hold on to your power, become your best, and have faith in the path God has laid before you.

(First time I've ever written one of these).

Count the Stars

Inspiration: I was listing to a poem, and she mentioned stars.
Word: Stars.

Count the stars tonight
list them
imagine what they might be,
imagine who wished on them
who lived through them,
imagine who prayed on them.

Count the stars tonight
believe them
when they tell you
that they know your story
and if you pray harder
your wish will come to you,
and if you love harder
peace will be granted to you.

Count the stars tonight
and trust the power in them
put your faith in them.
that those who came before you,
were saved through them.

Count the stars tonight
and thank them
not for what that have done
but for what they can do
and will do
for you.

Satan's Breeze

Inspiration: I was talking to myself in the bathroom.
Word: Speak

Speak to me.
Allow your voice
to converse with mine.
Allow my sound
inside you.

Listen to it.
Did it awake you?
Did the bass in my voice,
quake you?

I'm like that.
I'm able to stir things up,
and I thought you might like it.

Did you?
Did my voice do you?

Well not like that of course?
Dirty mind, clean up.
I'm just talking about voices here.
Conversations really.
But my voice did give you vibrations,

I know it did, its alright,
you don't have to confess...
if it causes you distress.
To admit my power,
my hold,
over you.

Ha its funny actually,
All I said was one word
and you were fallin' at my knees.

Its safe to say I had you,
with ease.

Your legs,
pish posh, they were a breeze.
because remember,
the sound quaked you.

And once you were up,
you were thirsty for me.

Ha see I require a little bit of fantasy.
For you to get how I work.
It's a perk to be around me.

I'm a mess really, but you can't see that.
All you do is hear me,
and you like the sound...
so you let me quake you...
and again your legs fall open
because babe,
I make you want me.

First Steps

Inspiration: I was thinking about a baby? And I wanted to write something upbeat.

Run little baby
run fast to the beat
feel the movement
doubt the lies
feel the heat
erupt the spies.
Stop your cries
heal your mind
allow your life
to breathe.
Don't upset
the speed
keep movin'
you'll succeed.
Hush little baby
I just wan't you to
So you got ta keep
the peace.

A Solid Understanding

Inspiration: A mixture of things. Thinking about leaving for college, my dad, etc.
Word: Understanding

It's amazing to think
of your earthiness.
You're beautiful in that.

I admire the way you are you,
and they way you allowed me to be free.

See it's freedom really.
To be allowed to smile at ease.
And to look directly in your eyes
and now feel hindered or,
For doing so.

Yea it's funny to ponder your
quirkiness, and how you were quick on your feet.

I always enjoyed the breeze
that I felt with you.

The way the grass tickled my feet
and how the dirt stuck to my toes.

And how I loved the way
the flowers excited my nose.

But this was only with you,
this true appreciation for the earth,
And in fact, I forgot it, once you left.

And I was empty again, trying to find a reason
trying to learn an understanding.

But now I was off center,
no since of balance
and I craved those days
when the clock stood still
and I was solid
with you.

Because you grounded me
and for the first time I thought for sure
that the earth stood still.

But you left.
For what reason I still don't know.
But for some reason,
the earth tells me...I will.

Shoo Fly! Don't bother me!

Inspiration: There's a fly in my room!!!!!
Word: Irritation

So I had to surrender
to irritation at it's fines.
The horrendous beat of it
dwindled down to my spine
and destroyed me.

I was overcome by it.
It's ugliness.
My anxiety grew
as it laid across my bare skin.

Un hand me! Beast!
Must you creep up my legs
and run down my hand
until my poor skin has unraveled
in attempts to dismiss your ugly,
your annoyance,
damn you're arrogant.

Your need to wander into my space
and vex my every nerve
serves true to that fact

that you probably weren't hugged as a child
or you merely have a knack for being a true

Them Days are Over

Inspiration: Dog Days are Over by Florence and The Machine
Word: Over

Coming fast now
there's your past now
but its over
done with
you conquered it
ya over it.

Step heavily into your future
take over it
become it
Become You.

Live steadily now
with wonder
with desire
with faith in what you've made
and make what you have faith in.

Excrete your passion into your livin'
and live for the ultimate feelin'.

Your feeling's of hurt
and hatred are over
done with.

Your weary feet
are on fresh soil now.
Take advantage of it.
Do it
be it
become more than you'd
think you'd ever be.

See the world for me, and
tell your story.

Exist in a passionate life
and fulfill your sweet destiny.

Because Sweetheart,
your dog days are over.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

For all the Lies

Inspiration: Something on my body was hurting.
Word: Hurt

It hurt ya know?
When I thought about how I lied.
How I denied-
My Everything...
My all?

For my mere
narcissistic desire?
To remain in a familiar reality?
A false reality?

My reality?

Filled with white demons.
and black ghosts.

I inhaled the scent
of it all, wrapped in
a melancholy pattern
of misplaced words
that led to frases
that hid the truth
and disguised all

But I do sincerely apologize
for the lies
for the bribes
and for hiding myself from you
because I was,
of you?
Well, of your love really.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Next Day, Tomorrow

Inspiration: Thinking about the following day.
Word: Tomorrow.

I got lost in it,
I just stood still..
and let my soul leave me
from my toes
I tilted my body
as my heart
went on a rage of
grunting hormones
and I felt it...
till' the next day
through tomorrow


Inspiration: I'm sleepy? Was sleepy? Have been?
Word: Sleep

Sleep deeply
breathe deeply
give your mind the power
to do the same 

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Inspiration: Talking to my friend Lee.
Word: Compromise

Don't ever compromise yourself
to suit someone else's idea of you

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Let your hair swing

Inspiration: Thinking about my friend Sarah
Word: Enjoy

Come enjoy with me
you're welcome to sit with me
and listen
as we breathe together
sing together
as we be here together
as one
Embrace all responsibilities
and dismiss them
as you quiet your mind
allow the tingle in your thighs
and give your mind the power
to unwind

Monday, July 18, 2011

Dancin' Fool

Inspiration: Looking at the time.
Word: Tick

Her body ticked to the rhythm
rotated to the groove
she was and had the moves
she let her body loose
to the rhythm of the beat
as she danced and stomped her feet
she held onto the beat
and rotated with her knees
and let her body rock
till she was fallin' on her hands
the crowds shouted and yelled
man that girl can dance

The Fifth Death

Inspiration: My stomach hurts.
Word: Ill

Ill related substances
conquered her mind
and sent her body
on a fiery journey towards
what looked like hell
she tried to yell
but every thing became heavy
as her neck became too stiff
and her eyelids could no longer lift
this was death
resulted by too many fifths

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Honey Drop

Inspiration: Two Sunday's ago there was a realllly good preacher who came to my church.
Word: Temporarily

I hung onto your words like honey,
rapidly wrapping myself
in the beauty of them-
The suggestion of them
created a fire in me

I didn't question them
I welcomed them
with open arms
hoping that
they would latch onto me
and stay with me
So I might learn from them
when you might flee from me

It was evident that your words
contained a certain uncertainty
that proposed that they were to lovely
(to unwed) to stay on my lips
and I understood that you knew
that I knew that

So I discarded my worry
and did not grow furry
and just allowed your words of honey
to drip slowly on my lips

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Promising Future

Inspiration: Thinking about when I leave for college
Word: Yesterday

I saw yesterday
and de-rated it
cus foreva and always
stuck together like forever

I couldn't handle the uneasy
of leaving the E or even the breeze

So I sunk my neck into Lake Michigan
and swam in all the dirty of the riva
and began to pictura
my first laugh there
my first half there
my first, life there

Right there
here I ponder
about my desirable future
the promising one
the right one

Stung me sharp
was my memory
of how I knew life would be
trouble but worth
but little in the fact
that I would give birth in it

create in it
become a great in it

see my name held
high in it
reside in it

Proclaim thy Lord

Inspiration: Looking at the sky, and thinking about a talk I had with my friend Katie.
Word: Proclaim

If my sky's blue
do you see blue too?

Does the wind bite you in the same way?
Did it storm in your world yesterday?

I can not understand,
(nor do I want to)
the complexities of this land.

Like my hand!
A hand?

What art work
crafted by the world's only best.
Stitched with lines, vines

Please define the unhappiness
struck to my chest
at the sight your hand's
hand holding another

And my brother?
He has my blood too?
He sheds my blood, too?

Final land given
to be destroyed-
(until the second death).

Such madness,
such a hell won't prevail
until veiled with evil
and bonded forever.

Deceitful presence of another,
led them there.

Killed by Vengeance
Loved by Vengeance
but all destroyed
by Vengeance

Vengeful people
unhell me.

We live in a world
not lacking
familiarities to get lost in
to seek Pentecost again
to see your love, again

Love again another today,
cry for me another day,
feel everlasting pain everyday

or seek Lord and proclaim him yours
and always