Thursday, December 15, 2011


Inspiration: I was falling into sleep and for a moment right after I got woken up, I thought I was at home
Word: Sometimes

Sometimes I lay real still
and imagine being home

Sometimes rio talks in her sleep
and rocks and kick her fee

Sometimes my back will hurt
heavy and tired

Sometimes I'll take a nap
15, in cycles

Sometimes I'll sleep a little
dream a little too

Sometimes I'll have a reoccurring one
cry and holler for a few

Sometimes I'll have a thought
I'll get up and write some lines

Sometimes I'll feel inspired
and sip on some wine

Sometimes I'll laugh a little
and hurt away the tears

Sometimes I'll  start rhymin'
and jump in with a dance

Sometimes I'll keep writin'
thoughts walking in my head

Sometimes I'll finally ease
my way back into sleep

Sometimes I'll have a good dream
and feel descended in sweet slumber

I Wonder

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