Thursday, June 21, 2012

That One Time

Inspiration: Not sure, found this in my poetry book
Word/Phrase: One Time

I said I didn't care anymore
claimed that I was over it-
But I still become stilled,
by your presences
by your deliciously upsetting eyes
I still sometimes get tangled in the idea
of you holding me
in your arms
keeping me
with your eyes
like you did that one time...
you see my problem is,
I'm still stuck
on that one time.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Each day I Love

Inspiration: Thinking about the things I love.
Word: Love

I love how we all breed new facets of culture
I love moments
I love how language can create itself
I love God
I love how there is only one God
I love the many extensions
I love sweet babies
the one's who bring you flowers
I love the feeling of hot pavement-
pressed against my feet
I love sand between my toes
I love being footlose
and raw and bold
I love good taco meet
and a bubbly glass of wine
I love handbells
and wind-chimes
and soft tin roof water cries
I love the color of Jenni's hair-
in the summer time
I love apples-
the kind that type
I love my room to myself
at night
I love candles
and a rough summer rain
I love meatballs
and my brother's 'black folk' spaghetti
I love nice train rides
and the brown line
I love rooftops
and flat rocks
and stars
I love dreadlocks
and Cadillac Cars
I love man, men, and humanity
I especially love being womanly-
a woman
I love women, admire a good curve
I love people
and how we all swerve
I love music
a good 10 minute song
an acoustic guitar
I love a sexy rhyme
and a haunting rhythm
I love dirty dancing
and wiggling my bum
I love finding my breath-
at the end of a long song
I love breathing
and waiting to exhale
I love the way smoke looks-
in the sunlight
I love diggin' down into the earth
and taking in the moonlight
I love lovin' and I live to love
I love the feeling of my love
setting my soul free
I love that what I love
is an extension of me