Saturday, January 29, 2011

"Indian" stealers

Inspiration: Again, my mother
Word: innocence

Sweet innocence is stolen and given in youth
severed by the double edged sword of a heated mother's words
and sewn gently into a delicate bow by the same

p.s I hate the fact they people say indian stealers but my mom always says it and the poem is about her

The Damaged

Inspiration: Fight with mother dearest
Word: laugh

Words cut like knives on
the bare back of a starving child
I embrace the discomfort of your lackluster tears
with harsh sounds cascading from my tongue

I swell in a fake rejoice at the sight of your face turning
and asking for pity
I return the plead with my head falling backwards over shoulders
releasing a devilish damaged laugh

The Truth

Inspiration: I had a rough week
Word: complexities

The complexities of human beings allude to a never ending confusion
of what the truth is

Monday, January 24, 2011

Oh hey mom

Inspiration: Surprise visits
Word: Home

Her smell wreaks of an undesired home
and an abundance of past grief

post for Jan 24th

A reflection of love

Inspiration: Interracial Couples
Word: Finger Tips

Finger tips touch as a sign of
desire is released through the breath of another

Gentle hands intertwine into a heap of inadmissible
sums of love

As bodies grow closer to a peak of an extinguished barrier

The summation of their assorted auras result in a
explosion of titillating passion
that epitomize

The mother of Pain, Love

Inspiration: Wondering why we need love
Word: Love, Hurt
SN: Short and Sweet

Distorted collections of an idea of love is the reason we hurt

Quiet Peace

Inspiration: Silent Night by the Temptations
Word: Solitude

The presence of solitude is a gift to the conscious world
It satisfies the bewildered mind
and gives birth to the beginnings of an improbable likelihood

It's a sound mind
offers a quiet

So, I'm really behind. I've been through hell and high waters this week...sorry. Even though barely anyone reads this...

Sunday, January 23, 2011

The innocence of childhood

Inspiration: So I kinda want to write children books eventually, so I tried a poetic one?
Word: The Moon

Hey Mr. Moon 
Are u awake up there?
Can you come a little closer-
so I can whisper in ur ear
if I tell you my secret
will you show me yours?

Come on Mr. Moon im really bored.

Will you take me on a trip
acrros the big blue sky?

Oh please let me bath in your beautiful moonlight.

Hey Mr. Moon 
You see that house over there?
Look at those two kids fighting for that toy bear

You know Mr. Moon
what really isn't fair
You get to sleep way up high
while i'm here staring up into the sky

Oh can you please take me on a trip
to the highest of the high
where all the beaitiful humming birds fly

Can you take me to see my father
dressed in those beautiful white robes

Come on Mr. Moon
I'll make sure nobody else knows

Oh and one more thing, before mommy calls me to bed
Will u always be way up in the sky
with your beams shining bright
all through the night 

brodcasting to the world your beautiful moonlight?


Inspiration: Walking
Word: bliss

Earth's gentle hand sparkled against my face
as her tittering leaves began to dance around my feet
their sun filled hearts jittered with wonder
and I soon was filled with sorrow
for they were happy than me
but earth graciously gifted me with her subtle kiss 
and I bent my head for I was content
filled with bliss 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

How a mother loves she

Inspiration: Me and my mother's twisted relationship
Word: contorted
SN: she is referring to one person as her is referring to a different person

Her winter cold mind loves she.
she has now hate inspired lyrics written solely to surrender
Her sweet heart is in desolation
she loves with the last of life in she
Her takes pleasure in the demise of the wounded
she is met with the tear soaked eyes of
and consolation for she is sought through the faint gesture of love by her

I actually like it

Jan 20th post
written at the police station

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Inspiration: This book by Ellen Hopkins
Word: Crimson

takes every
of brain 

scorched eyes search for tranquility in life
but instead find a slim polished wedge

metal pierces through brown colored skin and 
crimson red dots
then run

down and 

another stitch of young brown skin begins to unravel 
the unraveled skin allows for more 

crimson beads to 

into what becomes a puddle of 
scarlet droppings that resemble 


Post for Sunday Jan 16th 

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Inspiration: Katie's honor's recital
Word: Grace

Genuine grace
displayed by the world's finest
as eloquence radiates from the tip,
of their fingers

A new breed of excellence is born
to the reflections of an assorted arrangement
of beauty

p.s its short but I feel as though that was my exact emotion after seeing everyone play

post for Jan 13th

Letter to a friend

Inspiration: So I really like Kathryn V. Brown Sn: this is more of a letter written lyrically than it is a poem
Word: Katie lol

Letter to my kickass funky dancer, exquisite musician, genius, yum in my tum cook of a best friend, 

Katie when you breathe the earth and everyone around you inhales
because you breath gives life to creation and passion 
when you smile my hurt becomes smaller because 
the spread of your lips from cheek to cheek exudes joy to all those around you
Katie when you ever gently place a bow against the strings of a viola 
angles began to weep, for the sounds you create are glorious 
You are a magnificent gift from God and all those around you 
are more than privileged to have a piece of your spirit 
When you dance hearts are overwhelmed with warmth 
because of your dedication, talent,  and fervor 
you inspire 
 without having to try very hard 
No matter what you do in life you will prosper 
Just allow Gods spirit to flow in your veins and then
let go and leave for him what you feel you can not do or bare
But know that he won't give you anything you can handle 

You are a gem Kathryn Brown, a brilliantly iridescent created individual.
I pray your soul flies like a hummingbird


Post for Jan 15th 

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The loudest song

Inspiration: So I had a really bad day yesturday, but today has been great! : )
Word: Joy

While her eyes focused on a hollowed illusion of consolation
Her heart became oppressed by hurt
Her whirling mind, becoming conquered by distress
was descending into thoughts of a horrid past
at the midst of a relapse
into a tender sea of false hope
Her true essence burst through the mask of misfortunes society had bestowed upon her
The dirt from the day’s adversity had begun to subside
For the pure joy her soul contained sang louder than any residue of depression and strive towards happiness she’d ever had

yea so I don't know if I like it, the styles pretty different from what I normally do.

Post for Jan 13th

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mad Gab

Inspiration: Those people who think they know all the dang answers and feel the need to tell you everything that they think is wrong with you every time they see you

Word: Arrogance

You know those cartoons
the ones where the characters don't really say anything
and all you can see and hear are the characters going "blah blah blah blahblahblah blah blah"
yea well thats what I get from you
whenever your lips begin to part
and you start to "say" something

you words have grown to be nothing more to me than

and quite frankly I'm sick of it
the more you try to impress me with how much you think you know about my life
the more I think of you as a gap tooth buffoon

your arrogance disgusts me

when you're gabbing on about how much you think I suck
I just sit and nod with a stern quiet look
and picture you getting spat on in the face by a giraffe

but my nodding soon comes to abrupt pause
because your shrewish words have officially pushed my button
the way
and caused my facial expression to read ERROR

see now,
I'm going to have to go in
which means I'm going to have to humiliated you in the simplest way

your body posture becomes uncomfortable
as I
smile at you
bat my eyes
and ask you a series of questions in the most polite mannerism
that comment on how pathetic you are
such as...
are you upset that you look like a dinosaur
is it hard to know your going to die a cob-webbed virgin
do you hurt because you know that no one on this god given earth will ever love you

you look

and I'm in bliss

p.s This is more of me venting than a poem...


Inspiration: Tired! Sore! 
Word: Sulk

She Sulks

as the world around her does cartwheels  
to an endless beat of nullity 

She eats spoonfuls of exhaustion 
imagining it to be energy

She waits 
for the clack 
of the smooth feathered hen
to wake her 

at the sight of a friend 
she extends 
to her bud
and takes a cool long ride to ecstasy

post for Jan 8 Saturday 

p.s not all these poems are about me like most aren't

so don't assume...and I don't really like this one

Monday, January 10, 2011


Inspiration: Getting into another college, Mizzou
Word: Congratulations

My eyes zero in
as every
becomes a blur
I inhale
my lungs secrete a
its heavy
my heart picks up its pace
as my throat begs for relief
found in a hectic rip through the middle of the white envelope
my insides collapse while my eyes read
I tremble as my world is flooded with excitement
an air of peace oozes into my chest
my shoulders relax
and I smile in gratitude

post for Jan 10th

Sunday, January 9, 2011


Inspiration: My brother coming to church in the middle of my speech 
Word: Smile
Sn: So this is a short poem that I'm experimenting with. I like that it's kinda feels incomplete because I think it allows for the reader to reflect on interpret. it for themselves : )

S p i r a l i n g
I found a Smile,
that gave me security 

Saturday, January 8, 2011

What she is

Inspiration: strong woman
Word: she

Sullen she is not 
but swift to provide consolation 
to the wounded around her 

Callous she is not 
but heals effortlessly as
she exudes her tender nature onto
the backs of the abused

Parsimonious she is not
but altruistic despite her own

Simply lovely she is
in every since of the word
her every inch reflects
exquisite beauty

ahh its short, I don't really like, but I'm two days behind on post and i have to write a speech so...

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Glirlish love

Inspiration: Cougar Town the tv show 
Word: one 

I want to
BURST inside you
I want my every RaY to inspire you
d   r   i   p
I want to drip down on your palm
eat my
consume me
allow me to be your
be my everything
My Everything

yes this little black girls everything
I want to spin inside your world

like ravens
into your cup of life
I want to give you 

energize me
energize me

                                inspire me

I want you to live inside me too
let us be intertwined like
sun and shine
moon and sky
let us be one 

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Love, Gods most enduring Gift

Inspiration: Word: Strength- The strongest people in the world: My mom, Brother, and oldest and best friend Molly
Reason: My brother, although I hate to say it, is my heart. He has sickle cell anemia and is in the hospital right now. My mom is the strongest person in the world. She can move mountains with the flick of her wrist. 12 years ago God put Molly Block in my life because he knew she would help save me, he knew that I wouldn't be able to live without her love and support. I love all my friends and family, but there is not a moment of sorrow that I can remember these people not being there for. 

crippled with
cheeks etched with 
                    the residue 
                             of morn 

                    completely submerged

    is what would become of me
you move me
your God sent words, inspires my heart to continuing pulsing 
because you 

you encourage me 

your ability to advance through life with eloquence despite
the vile burdens life has bestowed upon you 

gives me will

your will to defy your misfortunes
and conquer success 

invokes courage inside of me 

the courage to, like you
breath in uncertainty and 
allow the joy inside me to answer it 


because your strength is honorable 
you never give up
you light tunnels with ashes 
build mansions with grass
you comfort the suicidal depressed

I watch without speech as I wonder if I will ever be half the person you are

My every stitch admires you

I have no doubt
that my creator is a generous God, 
because he gave me the honor 
of loving all of you

Thank you

p.s give your love ones their roses while they can still smell them

Monday, January 3, 2011

Momentary Peace

Inspiration: I was freezing today: cold

she was cold
the numbness of her inner
projected on to 
of her body
the brittle wind reflected the wrath of her own
her tired eyes strained as the opalescent snow flake made its way down to the center of her nose
The drop ignited all of her senses 
and sent a brief warmness through her vessel 

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Inspiration: My excellent procrastination skills
Sn: This is a little experiment, i've never tried to write a humors poem before, please comment and tell me whatcha think. be blunt : )

Oh Joy
its 9:50 and the roots to my mindless homework
are still firmly planted in the seats of my Hell inspired book bag
I've done shit
cept watch the clock aimlessly grow closer to a new day of
my special friend
the toilet
I've learned that I cherish that sweat seat of comfort
more than any other creation known to man

as my butt cheeks sink into its hollowed resting place
I exhale and exude a voluptuous nugget of
what was supposed to be brain food
into it's belly

I tilt my head back on the tiled wall
as my body begins to submerge into an enduring euphoria

thats right I enjoy the pleasures of napping while letting out a big one
The combination allows for me to reach a climax of bliss

one without the other isn't nearly as satisfying

I had to poop inside a bag once
the experience left me bitter
because I couldn't concentrate enough to take a nap

my little nuggets may have taken a trip into unwanted territory
my neighbor's lawn

while I love the opportunity to ramble on about nothingness
like my excellent procrastination skills
my booty cheeks are tightening
which only means one thing

Its time to take a visit to my little friend

haa so its kidna gross, Naomi

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Slidin into home Base, First Blog

Inspiration: This is about a little trip that I took, Slidin into home base

Tart breath detours her sense of reality
as her lungs distend and allow for a sweat elation
to expand like a baby being introduced to the fridged world

Glints and iridescent chips of joy excite her
she finally induces in relaxation
as the brim of her ambiance
began to slide into home base