Sunday, January 2, 2011


Inspiration: My excellent procrastination skills
Sn: This is a little experiment, i've never tried to write a humors poem before, please comment and tell me whatcha think. be blunt : )

Oh Joy
its 9:50 and the roots to my mindless homework
are still firmly planted in the seats of my Hell inspired book bag
I've done shit
cept watch the clock aimlessly grow closer to a new day of
my special friend
the toilet
I've learned that I cherish that sweat seat of comfort
more than any other creation known to man

as my butt cheeks sink into its hollowed resting place
I exhale and exude a voluptuous nugget of
what was supposed to be brain food
into it's belly

I tilt my head back on the tiled wall
as my body begins to submerge into an enduring euphoria

thats right I enjoy the pleasures of napping while letting out a big one
The combination allows for me to reach a climax of bliss

one without the other isn't nearly as satisfying

I had to poop inside a bag once
the experience left me bitter
because I couldn't concentrate enough to take a nap

my little nuggets may have taken a trip into unwanted territory
my neighbor's lawn

while I love the opportunity to ramble on about nothingness
like my excellent procrastination skills
my booty cheeks are tightening
which only means one thing

Its time to take a visit to my little friend

haa so its kidna gross, Naomi


  1. Ha well Nay i like the beginning of it, it got a lil graphic towards the end though. Nice first go though.

  2. TMI this is soo disgusting but i have to admit i think it served its purpose; i was rollin. LMAO!

    p.s. im procrastinating now

  3. I absolutely loved that poem. Low key high key I LOVE POOP!