Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Mad Gab

Inspiration: Those people who think they know all the dang answers and feel the need to tell you everything that they think is wrong with you every time they see you

Word: Arrogance

You know those cartoons
the ones where the characters don't really say anything
and all you can see and hear are the characters going "blah blah blah blahblahblah blah blah"
yea well thats what I get from you
whenever your lips begin to part
and you start to "say" something

you words have grown to be nothing more to me than

and quite frankly I'm sick of it
the more you try to impress me with how much you think you know about my life
the more I think of you as a gap tooth buffoon

your arrogance disgusts me

when you're gabbing on about how much you think I suck
I just sit and nod with a stern quiet look
and picture you getting spat on in the face by a giraffe

but my nodding soon comes to abrupt pause
because your shrewish words have officially pushed my button
the way
and caused my facial expression to read ERROR

see now,
I'm going to have to go in
which means I'm going to have to humiliated you in the simplest way

your body posture becomes uncomfortable
as I
smile at you
bat my eyes
and ask you a series of questions in the most polite mannerism
that comment on how pathetic you are
such as...
are you upset that you look like a dinosaur
is it hard to know your going to die a cob-webbed virgin
do you hurt because you know that no one on this god given earth will ever love you

you look

and I'm in bliss

p.s This is more of me venting than a poem...

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