Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Love, Gods most enduring Gift

Inspiration: Word: Strength- The strongest people in the world: My mom, Brother, and oldest and best friend Molly
Reason: My brother, although I hate to say it, is my heart. He has sickle cell anemia and is in the hospital right now. My mom is the strongest person in the world. She can move mountains with the flick of her wrist. 12 years ago God put Molly Block in my life because he knew she would help save me, he knew that I wouldn't be able to live without her love and support. I love all my friends and family, but there is not a moment of sorrow that I can remember these people not being there for. 

crippled with
cheeks etched with 
                    the residue 
                             of morn 

                    completely submerged

    is what would become of me
you move me
your God sent words, inspires my heart to continuing pulsing 
because you 

you encourage me 

your ability to advance through life with eloquence despite
the vile burdens life has bestowed upon you 

gives me will

your will to defy your misfortunes
and conquer success 

invokes courage inside of me 

the courage to, like you
breath in uncertainty and 
allow the joy inside me to answer it 


because your strength is honorable 
you never give up
you light tunnels with ashes 
build mansions with grass
you comfort the suicidal depressed

I watch without speech as I wonder if I will ever be half the person you are

My every stitch admires you

I have no doubt
that my creator is a generous God, 
because he gave me the honor 
of loving all of you

Thank you

p.s give your love ones their roses while they can still smell them

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