Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Prophet

Inspiration: The phrase "dine on the divine"
Word: Divine

Today I will dine on the divine
I will then sit and exude a presence
that will enlist you to taste my flavor

Absorb my aura and sense my greatness
because my likings are ever-pleasing

My fingertips bleed fervor
upon the lips of the unlettered
enlightening a parched yearn for understanding

I will equip thee's soul for the coming
I will converse with the heartbeat
allowing it to speak
and exchange with it rhythm for thinking thoughts
of an out of tune beat

I will replicate the drama
and form sights of the lost
to distil all misheard truths
and fight power with law

I will love man
I will become it, and seep
into its hollowed deeps
of where distraught souls dwell, and sleep

I will again pour my luster
in the deaths of the creeks
inspiring the death, the silenced, and the weary
to rise up and speak

I will be the power
as well those around me.

I will take notice of thy's speech
and absorb, as the practiced unlearned

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Inspiration: Thinking about how people go to visit a place and only see the resort.
Word: Sun

The horizon sun sat listening,
tending humbly to the soft soul of the wanting.
I began to crave for bitter days
because the yellow burnt through my savoring pain
and kept me shaken with gladness.
The omnipresent spawns of it
disabled my lids from rising,
kept me hiding from the truth of the heat.
So I was cluelessly in love with scorched trees
and deprecating beads of sweat-
that sat dangling upon the heads of the sun burnt black,
and those who couldn't indulge in such pretty drapings of
their own blood spread through yards of fabric,
creating an iridescent crimson touch.
The blaze was too much, from the sun and the blunt.
The simmering sweet lie of paradise,
began carving across my soul shifting sharply towards my eyes
making me realize-
I began to realize real lies, and see the sorrow swept eyes
that teetered across the pretty, living a sawdust of hurt.
Such dust was now apparent as my lids began to rise.
I could now see the evil, the demise of a people
and it was evident, it was real.
In the dirt, the hurt, the blood and the sorrow
this place, paradise, was made real.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Live a Dream

Inspiration: This was the second half of the previous poem I write, but I decided to split it up.

We live a tangled life
tinged with nothingness
and the hate of the lifeless.

But open footprints,
of the strong and the life rich
linger in the mouths of those dreamin'-
Giving a gratifying sense of thought
for tomorrow and the rest-
to enlarge their notions of themselves
and become that
and incline others to be it.

So in simple, dream baby
and be inspired by the electric thrill of life too. 

And tomorrow and then on

Inspiration: An incident with my roomie, and You are not alone by MJ.
Word: future

The shadows of the dark have come
but allow me to come closer

Can I sit with you?
Let me,
Allow the presence of me to invade you.

Breathe easily now, take comfort in this,
embraces the newness of tomorrow-
accept the grief of today.
There's no room for sorrow on the pages of the future-

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Unbelievable Truth

Inspiration: This poetry exercise I did at around table I partake in.
Word: Motorcycle

When I was three,
I rode a motorcycle
and although I was burnt,
I rode that sick ride
till' the death of it.

The death was to be, unspoken,
as was the ride.
But I, like her,
found the bite of it tantalizing.

I was quick
head high, suffering
from the heat of the engine,
the roar beneath my feet..

I was sick, cool with it
the knowledge of such forbidden knowings
about forbidden doings-
gave me a satisfying,
unclean Joy-
made me latch onto the shallowed deepness
of my insecurities.

You're strong, The Wind said to me, as I coasted down the drive-
Live Long.
Begin Ahead.
Become an innocent in your new life.
The Drive

Monday, September 19, 2011

Lady Black

Inspiration: Listing to this poem by Alysia Harris
Word: peel

Let's peel off the last remanence of our skin tonight.
Uncover your closure and bare nakedly your chest
and all the rest
as we gently unravel the darkness of our beauty
and plaster it,
on all the walls,
in all the malls,
on all the faces of a half built beauty, nation
on an idea stemming from
lowness and sorrowed greif.
Let's peel off the last remanence of our skin tonight.
and show it,
(flaunt it really)
to the outside readers
to the incredulous non believers.
Let's invoke the young dreamers
to not dream of anything not worth
hoping for
like a whitar' sorry complexion
that black folk disguise their own hate
for each other, one another in.
Let's peel off the remanence of our skin tonight,
and attempt to boast about the darkness of it
gloat about the chocolate in it
revote about the ugliness
that's associate with it.
Because I found a winner,
and I call her a black beauty. She's Lady Black
And she is no one's idealistic thing of what beauty is.
She holds the ambience of all of us
born brown and doesn't discriminate with tints.
She gives power and authority,
and rebuttals the arguments of society.
She is the true black beauty queen.
Folks have attempted to dismantle her beauty
by contorting it and degrading it,
but the remanence of her and her glorified brown skin
reside in all of us, woman and man,
who call ourselves

Sunday, September 18, 2011

He is the truth

Inspiration: I was kinda agitated.

Distrust and agitation
fueled my love for you-
I was a misguided fool,
I wrongly confused
sexual tension
with sexual healin'-
Thought if I got a quick fix in
that I would no longer miss him
miss it -
Disguise this disgusted feelin'
I've trapped myself in-
I'm now swaddled by a distraught life
of disastrous strife-
My blatant insecurities
keep me from controlling
the darkness of my surroundings,
and because of that
I'm drowning-
The only life line that can save me
is denying the idea
and accepting the truth-
of what I've made my life to be
of what I've made you to be
of what a lie I've made us out to be
and swallow the undesirable fact
that you and I
are not meant to be

Thursday, September 15, 2011

My letter to Poetry

Inspiration: This young lady Jesse Told me I should right two happy poems for every unhappy poem I have, so I'm trying
Word: Poetry

Dear Poetry,
It's about time that we've spoken,
I mean we've been sorta vibin' with each other
for a while now
rhymin' with each other
for some time now.

Hey Poetry,
there's so much I have to say to you
so much I've already said through you
so much I've already gained from you.

Now Poetry,
please allow me now to,
smash the rhyme scheme-
and break it down for you.

See I was never in love
never sought for much,
because in you,
I had a forever knowing,
of a glorious unlimited playground.

With my head high-
and my chest wide,
You were just waiting for me to ponce
like a hungry school child
waiting to crunch through a fresh sheet of snow.

Never no wasn't ever responded to me
when I came to you.

Your omniscience gave me
a never ending reel of possibilities
to get lost in-
to create escapes in-
to forget about the hate in-
and to forget about other things
which I'll let remain nameless...
And just leave between me and you,

Because see you know we got that private conversation
the sort John and Marylyn were tangled in
but not faulty and nasty like the government one we're in

And poetry you would never lie to me, (couldn't)
I trusted you, so I let it all hang out with you
till it came to the point
where you understood and knew me
more than the makings of myself.

Your sweet words and proverbs
moved me, still do.

They took me on journeys
to the moon
so I could add in a twist of Thi
to cover up a half told lie
so we could forget about what happen-
(between certain thighs)
and the ones who died .

And Poetry,
how many times, have I cried to you
relied on you
survived through you.
Made things alright, because of you

And to this day,
I believe that you reside in me.
I mean there isn't any way that we couldn't be one
I mean you've sung my song louder than the haters did
and we know skinny bitches with malice wishes
can hate for days.

See Poetry,
I even joke with you
you taught me that
it anit gotta be the same sad ole' rhyme
all the time.

And finally Poetry
I give an enduring thanks to you.
A grateful praise to you.

Because of all the ways
you taught me to turn
industrial haze
of sorrowed eyes
and a scarred young life
into jewels like,
rubies and dimands
shinning now
after being heavily rusted over
by the will to survive
and the power to be made new
in you
for you are him
who see's us through.

Poetry I couldn't abate this world
without knowing you,
Your adverbs
and phrases
freed me.

And most importantly,
everything thing in me,
you allowed for,
saved me.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Journey with me

Inspiration: This poetry roundtable I attended
Word: solitude

If I slept through the night
drifting tastefully off, 
into a an ever cleansing sense of comfort
and tingling hurt of bliss-
Would you allow my radiant vibes
to create a complex
twine of solitude- 
for you to rest in
and gain peace in,
till the world ends.
Till my ride begins-

A Trillion Epic Nights

Inspiration: Talkin to my roommie

If every night you have is epic,
then all you'll have is an epic disaster
and a life long situation with no content

Be Aware

Inspiration: Noticing my surroundings.
Word: Aware.

I grow distinctly aware of my surroundings
when my insides begin to move,
to an uncomfortable beat.

I felt an undenying heat-
as I began to groove,
up the rhythm, and around my feet.

My body exuded deceit
sweet satisfactory-

Your body left craving-
the reminisce of my
unspoken ora.

I'm unfortunately tasty,
and you quiver
at the remarkableness
of my lustless desire for you.

I'm sorry,
I took no pride in you,
(no ride in you)
but I inspired you,
didn't I?

With my quick thighs
and the lowness of my eyes.

I was a beauty,
and you fell for it.
I was a dream,
and you lusted me.

So now I'm the contents of your mind
and you've forgotten how to tell time
when I'm not there.

But baby be aware,
that the insides of mine
don't think nor breathe
like that of your foolish

Never Will I

Inspiration: Thinking about what I stand for.
Word: Never

I Will Never
be conformed to a condition
in which I have taken no part in

I Will Never
expel my boundaries
to lie within yours

I Will Never
hurt my love
to gratify yours

I Will Never
dismiss my world
to be a presence in another

I Will Never
or depreciate
the beauty of my ora,
in order to be loved
or embraced
by another

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wonder With Me

Inspiration: I was in my journalism class not paying attention.

Wonder with me.
I'm off on a move,
you should be on-
I'm about to take loot
from my loved ones-

Wonder with me.
My endeavors are like
easily haunting after
the pretty
and the silly naive.

Are you ready?
for a faulty journey
of quick happenings
and quick happiness.

Don't Laugh to deeply,
don't breathe to steeply.
You're on a downward path
towards evil
with me.

But wonder with me now!
As we wonder wildly
and imaginatively
and change the burden
of our surroundings
with the false hope
of tomorrow
being brighter...

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Soul. Mind. and Body.

Inspiration: The skirt I'm wearing is really tight around my waist
Word: Tight.

Every part of me was tight,
including that,
but I rooflessly sat loosely
allowing the best of me
to break from me
to escape from me
to be apart of that
in which I wasn't.
And in truth,
should have had no part of it.
But the weightlessness of my thighs
strutted off with the pain of my mind.
So that part of me was done.
-New Chapter-
my looseness was now the only brim of me.
my ambience was apparent.
i became, no longer radiant.
my light began to dim
with the complexity of having
to waiver in between-soul and body,
and my soul, well like i told you it was done.
no longer dying, but now decomposing.
With the frighting image of my corpse, left eroding.
i was history,
see the looseness of my tight vesicle
took care of that.
the memory of me,
consisted of nothing joyous,
because i was eagerly ready to be free,
stupidly ready to believe
that my Soul, Mind, and Body
was not worth anything.

Stopping the Bleeding

Inspiration:Thinking about having to take your life into your own hands
Word: Care

If I sat here
and began to ramble,
how much would you listen?
How deeply would your ears pay attention-
would you care much?
Would you hurt much?..
If I hurt
if I began to cry
would your tears
lie aligned with mine?
As our cheeks soaked
in a melody of loveless hope.
(I didn't use soap that one time)
In thought that it might preserve
the rest of me from crumbling.
(Being destroyed)
Silly dying.
I forgot to tell you a lie
to confuse you,
I wanted my laugh to move you
make you stay with me...
Hoping I fooled you,
but the rest of it got the best of me.
You caught on to me.
Knew I was a fake,
knew I didn't know how to make my life quake.
You knew that I was too busy being dead.
Too busy being read- sorry songs,
of petty whispers
with hateful listeners.
See all I ever wanted,
was an agreement.
Something joint-
something shared-
something real-
But I've come to realize,
that my open eyes
scream of sorrow-
and that from today till' tomorrow
my life will bleed rapidly
until I heal it,
for me.

Sunday, September 4, 2011


Inspiration: Sitting outside under a tree on a 75 degree day
Word: Breathe

Breathe heavily
and accept thee.
Acknowledge the food
of your thoughts
and the strength in your walk.

Listen eagerly now
Take heed
in the beauty of things
enjoy the love in leaves
bring hope to these.

Float easily with the breeze
feel it, on the tip of your fingertips
on the top of your tongue
be strung-
out on the tantalizing feeling of forever
and the moment
for the moment has already begun
And in it, you have won
the ability to rehabilitate
and recreate
a new meaning for today-

For tomorrow
Don't settle in your old thoughts
don't meddle with your once fought
just love, live and remember to forgive.

Because not everything in life is worth havin'
but worth experiencin'


Inspiration: Watching this girl walk up the street and thinking about sitting alone

It's dark now
walk slow now
look around there
you're alone now...
but haven't you been that way
for a while now?
Keep steady now
your demons are commin' now
on the prowl now,
on the hunt now.
Touch your life now
are livin' it now
Are you in it now?
Do you know whats goin' down, now?
Startin' to cry now?
Oh you hurtin' now?
Yea they got you now?
Well at least you know now.
That they can swallow you whole now,
if you let them know you're feelin' lone now.
You just let them have your soul now.

Satan doesn't know my song

Inspiration: Thinking about how people really don't know you.
Word: My Song.

Satan doesn't know my song,
his demons don't know why I cry long.
I cry long-
for peace
for acceptance
to be rid of nullity.
Null and void
was enforced
when I loved thee.
The only thing thats holding me
is gluttony
I gluttonously loved thee
I needed too much from he-
I'd forgotten how much I needed me,
I was lost in the-
overwhelming appeal of it
I was pushed over by the hurt of it
Satan doesn't know my song,
his demon's don't know why I cry long,
I cry long-
for peace
for acceptance
to forget about
where my head's been.
To try to learn
to really live again.

Two Intertwining Loves

Inspiration: Thinking about my inspiration for writing poetry
Word: Solely

I could never say
that I could live in a world
with solely my poetry
because you see,
that's only half of me.
The other half is my people,
and together they combine perfectly.
Allowing me to flow from one to the other
creating patches and bridges
between the unsaid and the unloved
the unheard and the unsung
the unread and the unplugged.
See poetry heals graciously
and gratefully it brings to the people