Monday, September 19, 2011

Lady Black

Inspiration: Listing to this poem by Alysia Harris
Word: peel

Let's peel off the last remanence of our skin tonight.
Uncover your closure and bare nakedly your chest
and all the rest
as we gently unravel the darkness of our beauty
and plaster it,
on all the walls,
in all the malls,
on all the faces of a half built beauty, nation
on an idea stemming from
lowness and sorrowed greif.
Let's peel off the last remanence of our skin tonight.
and show it,
(flaunt it really)
to the outside readers
to the incredulous non believers.
Let's invoke the young dreamers
to not dream of anything not worth
hoping for
like a whitar' sorry complexion
that black folk disguise their own hate
for each other, one another in.
Let's peel off the remanence of our skin tonight,
and attempt to boast about the darkness of it
gloat about the chocolate in it
revote about the ugliness
that's associate with it.
Because I found a winner,
and I call her a black beauty. She's Lady Black
And she is no one's idealistic thing of what beauty is.
She holds the ambience of all of us
born brown and doesn't discriminate with tints.
She gives power and authority,
and rebuttals the arguments of society.
She is the true black beauty queen.
Folks have attempted to dismantle her beauty
by contorting it and degrading it,
but the remanence of her and her glorified brown skin
reside in all of us, woman and man,
who call ourselves

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