Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Soul. Mind. and Body.

Inspiration: The skirt I'm wearing is really tight around my waist
Word: Tight.

Every part of me was tight,
including that,
but I rooflessly sat loosely
allowing the best of me
to break from me
to escape from me
to be apart of that
in which I wasn't.
And in truth,
should have had no part of it.
But the weightlessness of my thighs
strutted off with the pain of my mind.
So that part of me was done.
-New Chapter-
my looseness was now the only brim of me.
my ambience was apparent.
i became, no longer radiant.
my light began to dim
with the complexity of having
to waiver in between-soul and body,
and my soul, well like i told you it was done.
no longer dying, but now decomposing.
With the frighting image of my corpse, left eroding.
i was history,
see the looseness of my tight vesicle
took care of that.
the memory of me,
consisted of nothing joyous,
because i was eagerly ready to be free,
stupidly ready to believe
that my Soul, Mind, and Body
was not worth anything.

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