Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Little Problems

Inspiration: My palm
Word: Dust

Her eyes zeroed in
on the small particle of dust
that was her life,
the complexities of her world
and the difficulties of her existence
were all crushed and then soaked
into a mere speck of dust
 that resembled

Monday, March 28, 2011

How I Became You

Inspiration: I was listing to ghost stories
Word: Six

For Six Hours I Became You
I dwelled inside your spirit
and explored the extend of your destitute
I smelt the odor that is you
and tasted the makings of your lips

For Six Hours I Studied You
I traced your face with hands
and photographed your body with eyes
I inhaled your confidence
and swallowed it with your breath

For Six Hours I Was You
I walked on the soles of your shoes
and greeted the souls in your life
I lived in your air
and gave air to new life
I felt through your issues
and solved them with your patience

I dwelled in your face
and explored your body
I smelt your confidence
and tasted your breath
I traced your soles
and photographed your souls
I inhaled your life
and savored your air
I walked in your life
I lived through your issues
and I felt your patience

For Six Hours I Became You

Sunday, March 27, 2011


Inspiration: At my cast party they were telling scary stories, so I listened to my ipod and Fidelity played
Word: Hear

Within me,
there is a disheveled whisper-
lusting for a chance to evolve
into an erotic specimen
used to excite your soul.

I want to know you, and understand
the rhythm of your movement
and the experiences that have made you whole,
or even broken.
I want to know what makes your
mind, heart, and legs

Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Love

Inspiration: I'm a really compassionate person, and I was doodling in my poem book and wrote this
Word: Love

I love the way

Reflection of Youth

Inspiration: I truly have no idea where this came from, I was sitting at my desk and just started writing it.
Word: Scrawny

Scrawny knees kicked freely
springing children to the ease of life
and also laughing with grandparents
as they recalled their own
jumps through the hurtles and fields
of existence.

I don't particularly like it

Exchange for Love

Inspiration: I was reallly tired
Word: Exhausted

She exhausted her soul
into his lap, hopping
someday he might embrace it
so she might love herself

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Real Life

 Inspiration: My Bday again heee I'm happy!
Word: Cherished

Shivering bumps covered her
Her face was etched with lines
that resembled the days love
that engulfed her
She was engraved with words
that danced around her
encouragement and wonder into her lap
When she inhaled she felt the embrace
of twenty million hugs inviting her to be
Her daydreams were a reflection of her
newly cherished reality
As she opened her eyes her
aspirations became
her possessions

glimpse of happiness

Inspiration: Happy and Tired. IT's my BDAY
Word: Joy

they say joy comes in the mornin'
so maybe if i sink my teeth into
the bitter existence we call night
and crunch through the walls of
the miserable and the weary
and savored the taste of tears
and make wet faces parched
we might all be able to see and become

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Finger by Finger

Inspiration: You probably think I'm really angsty by now.
Word: Finger

by Finger
she rolled her icy hands over them
she noted the deepest and pondered the lightest
she traced those that led different ways
and laughed at those that were merely a grim faze

by Finger
she remembered them
she rolled her icy hands over tears
she noted the deepest of her fears and pondered the lightest
she traced those that led her to hate
and laughed at those that were merely a grim fate
by Finger
she pulled the trigger
and allowed them to tell her story

Bleeding Love

Inspiration I'm really tired and I'm staring at my pillow which has my red ipod case on it. anddd I'm thinking about the FABulous Glee episode
Word: Freely

He bled on his pillow
in hopes that
might look at him
stare him in the eye
pierce into his soul and have him.

His cheeks were unmoved by the scarlet soaked surface
of where he spent his nights wanting
for the life he would never have
and cursing himself
for being himself.

He bled
in hopes that the next world
would allow him to love
and true.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Alluded Truth

Inspiration: My body was weirdly stinging and then I thought about old western movies
Word: Truth

The sting from the days dust clouded her eyes
and revealed to her the dirty

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Morning Glory

Inspiration: This was actually apart of the poem I posted before this, but I didn't like the way it flowed so I broke it into two.
Word: Fabricated

After the sun cracks open my eyelids
I paint on a face
leaving crooks at the ends of my lips
alluding to a fabricated smile

I dress myself to a sullen tune
in which my mind contemplates the nothingness of the day
that will come before me in the presence
of my reality

I don't really like this

Waking up to a better world

Inspiration: The grass is greener on the other side
Word: Tranquility

I am only awaken by the sounds of angles
their gentle resonance gives me hope that
I have been sucked into their place of tranquility

Saturday, March 12, 2011

I like evil

Inspiration: Sometimes the bad things of your life seem more comforting
Word: Good/Evil 

It reeked of evil
so she let herself trust it 
because evil had done more good to her
then any brief good she had ever had

The thinking body

Inspiration: How do you learn to love what is good for you?
Word: Think

If I looked at you
and you looked back at me
and our eyes connected with each other
would it signal our bodies to think
so we might learn to love
what's good for us

Crimson Confetti

Inspiration: The saddest things bring us comfort
Word: Confetti

In pure delight
she sprinkled her blood over her scars
and parachuted crimson confetti
over the molded place that was
The pretty scarlet pieces
chilled her to sleep and
wrapped her body in a
much needed warmth
that encouraged her to act as a baker
and spin red velvet cake out of her
severed brown skin

Good Girl Gone Bad

Inspiration: Umm, I don't know where this came from, but I guess I was thinking about how easy it is for girls to become corrupt.
Word: indulge

It felt good

so I indulged in it completely
without thought
sinking effortlessly into its seams
gasping for air
but loving every second of it
I drifted between the sheets
of a melancholy existence
because for me
this was bliss
a hint of compassion
and a lie of love
made me fall in love with

but it felt good
so I indulged in it completely


Inspiration: We all have flaws, the more re run from them, the faster they catch us
Word: Flaws

I taste the beauty of my flaws and welcome them
because denying their reality is denying myself.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Life Line

Inspiration: My friend sabrina wants to fix people.
Word: Thread

Like a spool of thread
she unraveled to those
who used her to fix themselves
in hopes that she might better them
and tightly sew together the
chaotic ends of the world

Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Quarter for Childhood

Inspiration: Thinking about summer, and how when I was little I was have lemonade stands : )
Summer: Sweet

The taste was numbing
and the smell was enough to
pause anyone who met it,
and order their steps to
it's front line.
The table was low and the
earnings were pressed tightly into
what looked like a small cardboard box
of milk
One gulp of the inadequate serving had
your taste buds pleading for more-
quarter after quarter you filled your
warm vessel with puddles that turned into
rivers of sweet innocent

Stunna Shades

Inspiration: So I was at school and I saw this girl wearing a leather jacket and sunglasses... in the school?
Word: Chilled

She was wearin'- em.
Heavy, dark, drippin' over her face
she hid behind her black
Stunna Shades

She was wipped.
From head to toe
she sulked in the togetherness of her all too put together

She was cool.
Or so she thought that her tight pants
and leather equip her with the ability
to be

to be
or not to be
was her question

never acted on
but always brought about
through subconscious thought

She chose to be the breeze of trouble that chilled her
and made her cool

Tented Window

Inspiration: My madres nagging!
Word: Nagged

She nagged
and for every nag, she stabbed.
Through her ill way of love she tore away
at every possibility that could have been
she ruined her own lovely destination with her
own distaste for herself and desire to erode her surroundings
her bitter taste inspired sticky situations to unravel
and she created for herself a cage of nothingness in which she would dwell in
to reflect on the enduring sound of her own nagging

(I don't really like this one : ()

Him through Her

Inspiration: I don't know where this came from, I guess Adam and Eve but not really.
Word: ripeness

He had a gift
He could rifle through the bullshit
and find the true ripeness in her beauty
He could see her, even though he couldn't see himself
He saw possibilities in an unformed structure
an unformed structure of himself was seen through
her. and through it he created a life for them
then in her he unmasked himself

(So its real different I guess)

The Runner

Inspiration: My feet are cold, and the other day I was watching a little bit of The Runaway Bride.
Word: Cold Feet

She's got cold feet.
iced over
what if?
Her ifs
run to- a
never ending close
of things
she could have done, things
she could have said
things she could have
been, dread- dread
comes over her, truly
becomes her, she
swallows her pride
and drowns herself
in the silence of not
But the it begins to
roar and begs
her to listen
and act
on its behalf
and she runs
towards the life
she never had,
the quiet she never
heard, the love she
thought would hurt.
She runs towards the
ideal of living, of
exhaling her doubts
and contorting herself
into a convoluted
dream of herself.

To the unborn child, Happy Birthday

Inspiration: So I was watching cake boss, and the guys wife had a baby, and that got me thinkin'.
Word: Existence

You only see true light once.
It happens when you're introduced to
the spear of particles we call,

The stretching of skin muscles over eyes
work to bring joy to all those in witness.
Your first birthday has come.

Not the one that proves that you're strong enough to
go through one year of the motions of existing,
but the first one that distinguishes you as a
as someone who has been noted to have been in this very complex idea we call

You don't have life yet
you haven't gotten enough bruises and
gained enough badges to
have experienced life

You have merely existed
and your journey towards living life is in your hands

Good Luck
Happy Birthday

(So it's not really my style at all, but I like trying new things)

I am a Woman

Inspiration: Women are really strong, and because of that they cover they're bruises with smiles
Word: comfort

I lose myself in a false sense of comfort
that spreads across my smile like venom
alluding to an idea of myself
that does not exist