Sunday, March 6, 2011

To the unborn child, Happy Birthday

Inspiration: So I was watching cake boss, and the guys wife had a baby, and that got me thinkin'.
Word: Existence

You only see true light once.
It happens when you're introduced to
the spear of particles we call,

The stretching of skin muscles over eyes
work to bring joy to all those in witness.
Your first birthday has come.

Not the one that proves that you're strong enough to
go through one year of the motions of existing,
but the first one that distinguishes you as a
as someone who has been noted to have been in this very complex idea we call

You don't have life yet
you haven't gotten enough bruises and
gained enough badges to
have experienced life

You have merely existed
and your journey towards living life is in your hands

Good Luck
Happy Birthday

(So it's not really my style at all, but I like trying new things)

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