Saturday, April 30, 2011

I am

Inspiration: I love really bold proud people
Word: Proud

Do I disgust you?
Does the way I smack my lips and
swing my big
make you quiver?

Did I upset you?
when I sang real loud
and shouted bout bein' proud
and threw my head around.

Did I bug you?
When I danced my fine dance
and jumped straight out of my pants
and fell after laughin about a real good tale.

Well I'm not sorry that I
ruffled your feathers
and made your skins bust out into hives.

I can't help that my full thighs and
ripe eyes caused you to question yourself
caused you to ask
what is true
and who is who
what is real
and what's my deal.

I truly can not help
but be proud
and be about
who I am..

Faith in Reality

Inspiration: Don't you ever question life, or existence, sometimes I do.
Word: Faith

Crisp words spent circles
like spaghetti noodles rising to a boil
My head spun in its infinite beauty
and I began to believe that I could go on living
in a fantasy
in something not real
in something not heard -of
in something I never knew-of
because I, had faith
and that
was real

Its love

Inspiration: Glee again heee
Word: It

I sought out to be
Dressed like
Danced like
Tried to believe I was
but it didn't love me,
loved me

Unconventional Beauty

Inspiration: Glee
Word: So its a phrase but "who you are"

Embrace yourself
cover yourself in your blue blood
and own the very being that you are

Taste your strangeness
and step into your skin, fully
drench yourself with your ugliest
and be adorned with the grimness of your insecurities
Take heed
in who you are
and throw away the primps and frocks that have
stripped you of your real charm
fall in love with your unspoken allure

Unconventional beauty take pride
in yourself

Monday, April 25, 2011

I am

Inspiration: So I like being black, the culture, not what people assume black is or what black should be like "acting black" but more so the black movement and life.

My black
is beautiful
My black is courageous
My black is
My black

I sing for blackness
my blackness sings to me
I stump for blackness
My blackness marched for me
I breath for blackness
My blackness lives through me
I am my Blackness
My blackness set me free

Hot Cheetos

Inspiration: So I gave up flammin hots and hot crunchy kurrly for lent and had my first bag since and GOSH they seem so hot now!
Word: Deliverance

Sun-kissed eyes pierced through stuffing
as liquid filled droppings of urge
oozed from my lips-
Body left quivering from the tiny giant of satisfaction
stuffed into pockets of red painted crust
I lust for the dangerous feel
the dangerous taste
I lust for the deliverance
of my most wanted friend
in its rightful place

I like flamin hots...

Lovely Kisses

Inspiration: This dimwit of a boy broke one of my bffs heart : (
Word: Dyin

Shes dyin'
Shes all the way in
Shes broken

Head first
Feet first
fully taken by

who sunk
his teeth
into her heart
fed widely
with no emotion

sunk deep enough
to suck out every
of life
that was there

He took her
She let him
He fucked her
She's pregnant

Its vulgar...and the first time I cursed in a poem YEESH!

Babies Trust

Inspiration: Babies!
word: Small

Small hands dangle
as trust pressures them to compress
into a tiny complicated pallet
of vulnerability


Saturday, April 16, 2011


Inspiration: Yea, I don't really know what this means. But do daydreams ever make since?
Word: Sleepy

Sleepy eyes drifted off
to learn the beginnings of a forgotten truth,
and inhale the deep brown passion
of a woman in need.
To spin circles of life
on a convoluted world,
and fly effortlessly off
towards the bowels of hell.
And learn the ends of the earth
were graveling at the seems,
and opening widely
to make room for elegant dreams.

Boundaries of Men

Inspiration: Well Mary Shelley's Frankenstein is one my favorite books and I was looking at the cover of it.
Word: Demise

we are the rhythm

we are the fame

we are the souls

we make it rain

we play God

the sun won't rise

But Today
I built a man

That Tomorrow
will lead to my demise

Grain of Salt

Inspiration: I was in spanish, and I was feeling "salty" because my teacher was being mean to me : (
Word: Salted

She wept
as her lips pour out a description of lost hope.
Tear ducts swell
as ears wonder
how to regain
for an ill salted soul.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Flip the Script

Inspiration: So my friend can't live without a boy liking her or herself liking a boy, this is the opposite of that
Word: freedom

The residue of hurt pressed firmly on her skin
was shown to all those who tried to love her
They loved hard
she loved none
and instead gained freedom

Roller-Coaster RIde

Inspiration: I was thinking about this thing I did when everyone made sounds to sound like a ferris wheal
Word: circled

I took a roller-coaster ride of hate and circled back to madness
thinking maybe I'd hurl out your love

Sunday, April 10, 2011

I laugh for Freedom

Inspiration: Church was soooo good today, and I love the feeling of the spirit moving over me yeesh!
Word: Freedom

The spirit of him devoured me
freeing my insides and allowing my mouth to
fearlessly in love with him
and myself
This was bliss and he was freedom
and I yearned to be exactly
like that

Chemical Dance

Inspiration: So I put my hand up to my lamp light
Word: Twinkled

Her toes twinkled as she danced a glittered rhythm
and sunk down into the tune of a thriving beat
exuding heat from her lower belly
she was golden
and he was gold
so they danced to a metallic groove
that ignited chemical reactions
and sent their insides on
a never ending loom
of passion

Weird rhyme scheme!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hung Low

Inspiration: My watch beeped
Word: Sounds

Sounds leaped off their post into my ear
begging for a chance to sing me my name
and hum me a tune of passion
but I sang louder and cursed myself with
false glory
and hung my head low
to resemble my soul


Inspiration: I'm tired....
Word: Trust

Heavy eyelids peered down to a world
drowned in sorrow
submerged in grief
creeping with good fortune laid out to you by
Heavy eyelids peered down to a world
drowned in sorrow
submerged in grief
creeping with good fortune laid out to you by


Inspiration: My friend
Word: Neglected

I granted the devil a wish
and he gave me three kisses
so I moved over an angel
and made plenty of blank spaces
because I was going to have him
need him
live him
he was going to breathe me
and I was going to love

I grated the devil a wish
and a seed began to grow
that died from lack of nourish
but I smiled as he gloated
at what was, and is, a reflection
of an unborn spawn

that I wouldn't give a name to
because he couldn't respect it
because I couldn't accept it

Heyy I kinda like it : )))

Purple Rain

Inspiration: Yea...I don't have one WB
Word: Inspiraiton

My little inspiration spilled open
and colored the world purple
to honor you


Word: Stole

I stole your words and gave you new lips
to abide by my rules
and grasp my consonants

I took your vowels
and gave you my sounds
and had you whisper
to reroute my frown

Yea...this BOMBS

Sitting Sidewalk

Inspiration: I'm having really bad writers block
Word: Nullity

I scraped nullity off the palm of the earth
and sipped it gracefully hoping for a taste
of life

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

I got...Game

Inspiration: I was thinking about forgiveness while also watching teen mom.
Word: Forgave

I forgave you
when you
opened your legs to me and poured out
my since of comfort
I loved you
when I tasted the faultiness of your
exuberant insides
I lusted for you
as I reminisced of
what I disguised to you as

Monday, April 4, 2011

My Demise

Inspiration: People who only believe in themselves
Word: faith

My lack of faith in you
reflects a notion of intelligence
sprung only by me into me
to believe in me

Diligent Hands Rule

Inspiration: I was watching the Oprah special
Word: Adequacy

Adequacy is delivered
to diligent hands
poured out to serve
your will
I gasp in respect to
the backs bents before me
and giving reference to the souls
that parted angry lips to speak
in their favor
I deceive the oppressors to become like thee
and stretch eyes open to welcome my full being
I am free
no long fleeing from any being or anything
My soul rolls
with the king of kings
and the disgustingly good things
because my people made it
Yes see we've made it,
sorting through the upright hatred
of a nation that we broke our backs in
built our shacks in
delivered our children
who would soon become presidents