Saturday, April 30, 2011

I am

Inspiration: I love really bold proud people
Word: Proud

Do I disgust you?
Does the way I smack my lips and
swing my big
make you quiver?

Did I upset you?
when I sang real loud
and shouted bout bein' proud
and threw my head around.

Did I bug you?
When I danced my fine dance
and jumped straight out of my pants
and fell after laughin about a real good tale.

Well I'm not sorry that I
ruffled your feathers
and made your skins bust out into hives.

I can't help that my full thighs and
ripe eyes caused you to question yourself
caused you to ask
what is true
and who is who
what is real
and what's my deal.

I truly can not help
but be proud
and be about
who I am..

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