Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Inspiration: I always tend to feel like an outcast.
Word: Blessing

There was no feeling like it
It was somewhat kin to
an empty pit of sorrow
longing to know comfort

Something like,
for an endless time
with all words lost,
in a soiled swamp of worthlessness

It was worthlessness in fact,
if looked at wrong
it could be perceived as helplessness
due to the lack of attempts
to break the nullity
to become non void

It was a speciality
a uniqueness
an astonishing unconventionality
it was a blessing

to know nothing of the norms
of the living

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

She Was a Vision

Inspiration: I'm not sure but I believe I was thinking of someone's reaction and a old films.
Word: Reaction

She was a reaction
She captured life and exuded it-
like quick rain

Remembrance and exposures,
to certain happenings,
floated like diamonds
betwixt her thighs

She thought of life
got lost in it
became it

Her essence allowed the
first scene to be shown
to the unseen

Revealing a beauty
only saw in realness

(I realize this is terrible....)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fly High

Inspiration: I can't remember (This is meant to be read fast)
Word: Fly High.

They told me to fly high
and break free
So I did so, do so
Not hastily just
with a passion
of floating foreva'
and embracing the disgrace
of my familiarity,
I mean to break it all free-
I'm flyin' so I'm dyin'
killing all humbling thoughts
of a never better tomorrow-
My demons flee from me,
run towards a dream to escape me
to hurt some devastatingly young
fetus, with no thoughts of tomorrow
just thinking its own life the greatest,
it rapes it, quick hatred
just to teach it, how to escape it
so when the hated fetus grows old enough
to make it,
It flys high,
to break free

My Trap Song

Inspiration: Thinking about how lost people get in music.
Word: Trust.

Allow me to dream an implicit thought.
Make nothing of my thoughtless ramblings,
Only value the lyricism of my almost sincere heart.
Do not trust me,
just cruse along smoothly
with the melody of my rhyme,
As I eagerly control your mind
wind it
up, down, around
slow, move quickly, as I
hype you up on yo' feet
get you bumpin'
to my beat, literally
I've got a nice control
over you-
You rollin' like I taught you to,
chorused with the rest of who-
lost their now tinged since of realness
to indulge in a fake generalized illness


Inspiration: Thinking of what of what a safe relationship means
Word: Reassurance

It was more than a touch.
The gentle serenity tore a small
puncture into my thoughts,
where the supreme nature of another being
poured ingredients of sound laughter into the depths
of my untouched song.

Sitting stilly,
it felt as though I had tilted my head back,
and allowed for a rhythmic blues
to sprinkle purple rain down the center
of my spine.

I was more than touched
by the tender gesture of my outward layer
being woken up only
to drift to sweet sleep,
not laboriously,
just simple, with ease
with no upsetting parts of me,
just a blissful satisfaction.

An appreciation for warmth
now covered me,
My arms squeezed tightly together
surrounded by a subtle force
allowing me to sense reassurance.

Having faith in an ideal of a never changing
my thoughts became lost
in the touch of my being
becoming overcome by warmth.

I had an unprideful gratitude
for the elapsed unceasing idea of
I have been given the gift
of an aura of safeness
dripping from every part
of our relationship.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Remember Me in Peace

Inspiration: Looking at a photo of my pops.
Word: Remember

Setting through his eyelids
was the ever longed for dream
that his life may be remember
in peace

Monday, November 7, 2011

To The Masses

Inspiration: I love telling people they're beautiful
Word: Beautiful.

If I could elongate myself
to speak to every soul
I'd whisper,
hello lovely, you're beautiful

Careful Dreaming

Inspiration: So I've been daydreaming a lot. Consequently, I've used wonder and wander in both the previous poem and this one. Also Kayne's All Falls Down
Word: Wonder, Wander.

Her stare was distinct.

Her glaze apparent,
she was looking for something
not known of in her familiar world.

She was searching for a rarity
unseen, but felt.
She was thinking thoughts
of a place
that resembled the wander
in her wonders.

So she slipped her shades on.
and in that she dived into
a being that resembled cool.
She felt herself.
She swung her hair,
lifted her skirt,
and became something of her wander
she truly began to wonder.

Had no reason for motion,
just moved to keep up
with the concept of an
ill derived notion.

She sipped on potions,
licked on pops-
She wondered how her body could
so steadily unsteady

Her breaths became weary
her chest became heavy
Her body became a MilkyWay,
Chocolate hard body
filling up
with something ungodly
from God.

Her thoughts wandered,
but this time to escape the
dream of her reality,
to return to what was real-
Quickly while wondering
to another indecent exposure,
her legs left her
and before her
came a dream
that was given life
through the wonder of her wanders.

Careful Dreaming


Inspiration: Day Dreaming in the Mu Women Center
Word: Drift.

Sometimes I drift-
I slowly unravel
and seep down
into an uncontrollable
knowing of non existence.
Happily I escape the realness
and thoughtfully imagine
the thrills of an unfit reality.
I gently sink my feet into such
a short untouched wonder,
and wander off into
blissful imagery, that I can only see here.
I allow myself to be here, and be still.
I live it, as if it were real.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

I Am Queen

Inspiration: What it feels like being me
Word: Here

Always walkin' on tip toes
hesitantly swaying my weight
from toe to toe

quickly moving-
short breaths
by heavy breathing

I'm here, ya know?
Did you feel my presence?
Did you recognize my vibe?
Could you see
the trouble
behind my eyes...

I'm here, ya know!
yet neglected
because of such an
outward appearance
I'm here, ya know!

Square on-
Roundly dancin' in yo' face

I'm here, just like the rest,
but better,
I'm here, strivin' for the best
but harder,
I'm here, lovin'
but more fiercely
I'm here, livin'
but real-ly
but the reality
of my livin'
won't accept me-
the reality
of my livin'
won't look at me-

I'm not right enough
for the righteous,
but the righteous here
know no right
but the us in them exclude me.

I'm not the typical copy
of a reflected adolescent-
I've learned to walk slow
not press into the world
with too much of my soul-
I've learned to drip
my lavish tastiness
so that all may learn
how to savor it!

I'm savoring me,
saving me!
Erupting my beauty
caressing my heat-
My strength
weights down the burden
of an ill sung song,
my lips quack a melody
too furnished with un malice whisperings
for you to follow along.

Hung on my neck
is a sign of force
driven to my chest
where you'll find
no more remorse
carried through my arms
where I've written off my mistakes
dropped off at my hips,
where I allow the world to embrace
flown down to my legs
where I hold thunder with lightening
stumped down to my feet
where no man can keep up
with such a rhythmic

I've got that
so much of it that
no one can erode my sweet.

I am a queen
and gracefully, I accept all challenges
and will convey what was such a defaced message,
of what it means to be
such a dazzling
human being

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Truth about Forever

Inspiration: A long relationship

Just because it's been so long,
doesn't mean it'll last forever...

Hard Body

Inspiration: Tihs dead roach in my dorm hallway
Word: Dead

There is something very
inside here
There's a sound of heartbeats
but no sight of living
there is something, very
inside here

Someone has suffered
from a windfall
can't get up...
Can't live
Something has lost
life, inside here
Dwelling in a pool
of nothingness

Don't give it no meaning though
Doesn't mean a thing though
The lost have gone, and died in there
No one's got no feeling
needs some healin'
Can't you hear em, see em
the lost dead souls are pleading
lookin'for some-one
to releve em