Monday, November 7, 2011

Careful Dreaming

Inspiration: So I've been daydreaming a lot. Consequently, I've used wonder and wander in both the previous poem and this one. Also Kayne's All Falls Down
Word: Wonder, Wander.

Her stare was distinct.

Her glaze apparent,
she was looking for something
not known of in her familiar world.

She was searching for a rarity
unseen, but felt.
She was thinking thoughts
of a place
that resembled the wander
in her wonders.

So she slipped her shades on.
and in that she dived into
a being that resembled cool.
She felt herself.
She swung her hair,
lifted her skirt,
and became something of her wander
she truly began to wonder.

Had no reason for motion,
just moved to keep up
with the concept of an
ill derived notion.

She sipped on potions,
licked on pops-
She wondered how her body could
so steadily unsteady

Her breaths became weary
her chest became heavy
Her body became a MilkyWay,
Chocolate hard body
filling up
with something ungodly
from God.

Her thoughts wandered,
but this time to escape the
dream of her reality,
to return to what was real-
Quickly while wondering
to another indecent exposure,
her legs left her
and before her
came a dream
that was given life
through the wonder of her wanders.

Careful Dreaming

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