Monday, November 7, 2011


Inspiration: Day Dreaming in the Mu Women Center
Word: Drift.

Sometimes I drift-
I slowly unravel
and seep down
into an uncontrollable
knowing of non existence.
Happily I escape the realness
and thoughtfully imagine
the thrills of an unfit reality.
I gently sink my feet into such
a short untouched wonder,
and wander off into
blissful imagery, that I can only see here.
I allow myself to be here, and be still.
I live it, as if it were real.


  1. A toast to the great unconscious drift…

    So it seems as though you've taken my very thoughts from my mind,
    a joy to read that I am not the only one,
    the only one to be curious about this unconsciousness that is so forbidden,
    forbidden in the eyes of these ordinary people that walk among us,
    see we are extraordinary,
    soon to be like the greats written down in history,
    I never truly understood why I should dare to feel different,
    dare to want be great,
    folks wana tie us down, make our minds basic, as if we see through one lens
    You see I've been drifting for some time now and I've come to some conclusions.
    Hell yea, I live it as if it were real, because the unconscious for me is more real than anyone can imagine.
    It becomes imperative that we revisit this loyal friend named Unconscious Drift; our minds need a place to expand and escape these as we exhale
    I'll let those commonalities of doubt and mediocrity exist for as long as my drift lasts, and then once I force myself to corporate
    with these foolish laws and consistent injustices,
    I will engage in this life, as all understands it and let you see me in my beautiful unconscious reality.

    Sometimes I drift--

    I see the Chicago lights as if I were the tallest tower

    the city never sleeps, my mind never rests and my writing is never regarded as less than the best


  2. **dare to be great**

    ** our minds need a place to expand and escape these white walls of Irrational rationalism**

  3. Ahhh I love you Lee. When I publish my poetry book I'm definitely going to have a forward from you. Get ready for our epic unconscious drift love, filled with conversation