Sunday, July 31, 2011


Inspiration: So I've tried really hard to finish on time this month! So I had to PUSH!
Word: Push.

Peace will come, when you Pray to the everlasting all, to give you Power

Understanding of Unfortunate circumstances will come, when you Urge yourself to explore the Unknown

Satisfaction will come, when you Stay on the right path and when you don't surrender to the demons that may Surround you.

Heaven will come, when you hold on to your power, become your best, and have faith in the path God has laid before you.

(First time I've ever written one of these).

Count the Stars

Inspiration: I was listing to a poem, and she mentioned stars.
Word: Stars.

Count the stars tonight
list them
imagine what they might be,
imagine who wished on them
who lived through them,
imagine who prayed on them.

Count the stars tonight
believe them
when they tell you
that they know your story
and if you pray harder
your wish will come to you,
and if you love harder
peace will be granted to you.

Count the stars tonight
and trust the power in them
put your faith in them.
that those who came before you,
were saved through them.

Count the stars tonight
and thank them
not for what that have done
but for what they can do
and will do
for you.

Satan's Breeze

Inspiration: I was talking to myself in the bathroom.
Word: Speak

Speak to me.
Allow your voice
to converse with mine.
Allow my sound
inside you.

Listen to it.
Did it awake you?
Did the bass in my voice,
quake you?

I'm like that.
I'm able to stir things up,
and I thought you might like it.

Did you?
Did my voice do you?

Well not like that of course?
Dirty mind, clean up.
I'm just talking about voices here.
Conversations really.
But my voice did give you vibrations,

I know it did, its alright,
you don't have to confess...
if it causes you distress.
To admit my power,
my hold,
over you.

Ha its funny actually,
All I said was one word
and you were fallin' at my knees.

Its safe to say I had you,
with ease.

Your legs,
pish posh, they were a breeze.
because remember,
the sound quaked you.

And once you were up,
you were thirsty for me.

Ha see I require a little bit of fantasy.
For you to get how I work.
It's a perk to be around me.

I'm a mess really, but you can't see that.
All you do is hear me,
and you like the sound...
so you let me quake you...
and again your legs fall open
because babe,
I make you want me.

First Steps

Inspiration: I was thinking about a baby? And I wanted to write something upbeat.

Run little baby
run fast to the beat
feel the movement
doubt the lies
feel the heat
erupt the spies.
Stop your cries
heal your mind
allow your life
to breathe.
Don't upset
the speed
keep movin'
you'll succeed.
Hush little baby
I just wan't you to
So you got ta keep
the peace.

A Solid Understanding

Inspiration: A mixture of things. Thinking about leaving for college, my dad, etc.
Word: Understanding

It's amazing to think
of your earthiness.
You're beautiful in that.

I admire the way you are you,
and they way you allowed me to be free.

See it's freedom really.
To be allowed to smile at ease.
And to look directly in your eyes
and now feel hindered or,
For doing so.

Yea it's funny to ponder your
quirkiness, and how you were quick on your feet.

I always enjoyed the breeze
that I felt with you.

The way the grass tickled my feet
and how the dirt stuck to my toes.

And how I loved the way
the flowers excited my nose.

But this was only with you,
this true appreciation for the earth,
And in fact, I forgot it, once you left.

And I was empty again, trying to find a reason
trying to learn an understanding.

But now I was off center,
no since of balance
and I craved those days
when the clock stood still
and I was solid
with you.

Because you grounded me
and for the first time I thought for sure
that the earth stood still.

But you left.
For what reason I still don't know.
But for some reason,
the earth tells me...I will.

Shoo Fly! Don't bother me!

Inspiration: There's a fly in my room!!!!!
Word: Irritation

So I had to surrender
to irritation at it's fines.
The horrendous beat of it
dwindled down to my spine
and destroyed me.

I was overcome by it.
It's ugliness.
My anxiety grew
as it laid across my bare skin.

Un hand me! Beast!
Must you creep up my legs
and run down my hand
until my poor skin has unraveled
in attempts to dismiss your ugly,
your annoyance,
damn you're arrogant.

Your need to wander into my space
and vex my every nerve
serves true to that fact

that you probably weren't hugged as a child
or you merely have a knack for being a true

Them Days are Over

Inspiration: Dog Days are Over by Florence and The Machine
Word: Over

Coming fast now
there's your past now
but its over
done with
you conquered it
ya over it.

Step heavily into your future
take over it
become it
Become You.

Live steadily now
with wonder
with desire
with faith in what you've made
and make what you have faith in.

Excrete your passion into your livin'
and live for the ultimate feelin'.

Your feeling's of hurt
and hatred are over
done with.

Your weary feet
are on fresh soil now.
Take advantage of it.
Do it
be it
become more than you'd
think you'd ever be.

See the world for me, and
tell your story.

Exist in a passionate life
and fulfill your sweet destiny.

Because Sweetheart,
your dog days are over.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

For all the Lies

Inspiration: Something on my body was hurting.
Word: Hurt

It hurt ya know?
When I thought about how I lied.
How I denied-
My Everything...
My all?

For my mere
narcissistic desire?
To remain in a familiar reality?
A false reality?

My reality?

Filled with white demons.
and black ghosts.

I inhaled the scent
of it all, wrapped in
a melancholy pattern
of misplaced words
that led to frases
that hid the truth
and disguised all

But I do sincerely apologize
for the lies
for the bribes
and for hiding myself from you
because I was,
of you?
Well, of your love really.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Next Day, Tomorrow

Inspiration: Thinking about the following day.
Word: Tomorrow.

I got lost in it,
I just stood still..
and let my soul leave me
from my toes
I tilted my body
as my heart
went on a rage of
grunting hormones
and I felt it...
till' the next day
through tomorrow


Inspiration: I'm sleepy? Was sleepy? Have been?
Word: Sleep

Sleep deeply
breathe deeply
give your mind the power
to do the same 

Saturday, July 23, 2011


Inspiration: Talking to my friend Lee.
Word: Compromise

Don't ever compromise yourself
to suit someone else's idea of you

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Let your hair swing

Inspiration: Thinking about my friend Sarah
Word: Enjoy

Come enjoy with me
you're welcome to sit with me
and listen
as we breathe together
sing together
as we be here together
as one
Embrace all responsibilities
and dismiss them
as you quiet your mind
allow the tingle in your thighs
and give your mind the power
to unwind

Monday, July 18, 2011

Dancin' Fool

Inspiration: Looking at the time.
Word: Tick

Her body ticked to the rhythm
rotated to the groove
she was and had the moves
she let her body loose
to the rhythm of the beat
as she danced and stomped her feet
she held onto the beat
and rotated with her knees
and let her body rock
till she was fallin' on her hands
the crowds shouted and yelled
man that girl can dance

The Fifth Death

Inspiration: My stomach hurts.
Word: Ill

Ill related substances
conquered her mind
and sent her body
on a fiery journey towards
what looked like hell
she tried to yell
but every thing became heavy
as her neck became too stiff
and her eyelids could no longer lift
this was death
resulted by too many fifths

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Honey Drop

Inspiration: Two Sunday's ago there was a realllly good preacher who came to my church.
Word: Temporarily

I hung onto your words like honey,
rapidly wrapping myself
in the beauty of them-
The suggestion of them
created a fire in me

I didn't question them
I welcomed them
with open arms
hoping that
they would latch onto me
and stay with me
So I might learn from them
when you might flee from me

It was evident that your words
contained a certain uncertainty
that proposed that they were to lovely
(to unwed) to stay on my lips
and I understood that you knew
that I knew that

So I discarded my worry
and did not grow furry
and just allowed your words of honey
to drip slowly on my lips

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Promising Future

Inspiration: Thinking about when I leave for college
Word: Yesterday

I saw yesterday
and de-rated it
cus foreva and always
stuck together like forever

I couldn't handle the uneasy
of leaving the E or even the breeze

So I sunk my neck into Lake Michigan
and swam in all the dirty of the riva
and began to pictura
my first laugh there
my first half there
my first, life there

Right there
here I ponder
about my desirable future
the promising one
the right one

Stung me sharp
was my memory
of how I knew life would be
trouble but worth
but little in the fact
that I would give birth in it

create in it
become a great in it

see my name held
high in it
reside in it

Proclaim thy Lord

Inspiration: Looking at the sky, and thinking about a talk I had with my friend Katie.
Word: Proclaim

If my sky's blue
do you see blue too?

Does the wind bite you in the same way?
Did it storm in your world yesterday?

I can not understand,
(nor do I want to)
the complexities of this land.

Like my hand!
A hand?

What art work
crafted by the world's only best.
Stitched with lines, vines

Please define the unhappiness
struck to my chest
at the sight your hand's
hand holding another

And my brother?
He has my blood too?
He sheds my blood, too?

Final land given
to be destroyed-
(until the second death).

Such madness,
such a hell won't prevail
until veiled with evil
and bonded forever.

Deceitful presence of another,
led them there.

Killed by Vengeance
Loved by Vengeance
but all destroyed
by Vengeance

Vengeful people
unhell me.

We live in a world
not lacking
familiarities to get lost in
to seek Pentecost again
to see your love, again

Love again another today,
cry for me another day,
feel everlasting pain everyday

or seek Lord and proclaim him yours
and always

Truth in a Lie

Inspiration: I don't remember
Word: Unlucky.

For every truth,
there is a bleeding lie
discovered by a unlucky saint
looking for anything but satan


Inspiration: My mom came into my room after an argument
Word: Startled

Startled, I felt my knees
at the delivery
of your presence

Your stance was remarkable

Admirable enough
to be be copied-

Your beauty was apparent.

Hand's wide yet
(In that I found comfort)

Your wide eyes
wide nose
and wide

were more than longing for
an embrace-

So I wandered towards it, and
teetered softly onto your lap

and provided your longing
with a kiss.

And together our knees quivered
and our presence became apparent
(Inside one another)

because we
were meant
to be lovers.

Foolish Lover

Inspiration: A song I was listening to by Tribe Called Quest.
Word: Honestly

Honestly I didn't believe you,
when you said that you hated me.

In fact I laughed.

How could someone I loved so much,
even conceive such ideas?

So I ignored it..
and grew persistent in the fact that
hate it couldn't be,
but envious love..

because you couldn't love me
as much as you desired to
as much as I deserved you to..
as much as you needed to really..

So you confusingly blurted-
that you hate me.

and I refuse and refute
your mistake...

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Black and White Rainbow

Inspiration: I don't really know.
Word: Rainbow

I tasted the rainbow
and grabbed my pot of gold
behold the immaculate prison
staffed by white supervision
Wanting for me, lusting for me
Gota haveme see
I'm that black beauty
skin pressed with the chocolate best
desired but oppressed
and all the rest hated it
(cus they didn't have it)
So of course they arrest
all the brown they see
that's beyond their grasp.
They may be haters at their best,
but I'm known to trump pest.


Inspiration: This book called No Disrespect that I'm readying by Sister Souljah
Word: Strife

Bear bottles dangled-
and cigarette smoke sung,
it was like the slums you see
this scene
haunted me
defiled me
bewildered me.
I desired to be free
from the evil of the people
drowned in such a thing
(Didn't they seek evergreen?)
So chemically oppressed
by the drug
Shrugged in the mess
was their lost happiness
their soul had been at the rest
to avoid the clutter
I even began to stutta
trying to find the words
that could define
Hurt had been engraved-
been chiseled
with the scent of sweaty prostitutes
and white men in suits.
Anit you sick of this?
I'm sick of this!
Pluck the needles and get ride of this
spread like-
looneys given head for a fix,
questionable chicks-
sprung without a daddy
so they hung between lovers and hoes
Cuz mama couldn't afford a rose-
scent to smear the blood
from all the negros
This is what white folk call the hood
black folk get shot and die in the hood.
This is a life
that can only be defined by
a destitute haughty living,

called strife.

The Power of Prayer

13 years

Inspiration: Looking at a picture of an old friend
Word: Friendship

13 years, 13 fears
friend-ship last-ed through
13 beers
It was real
love, the kind the devil
dreamt up
in hell
begin' for a well
Ebony and Ivory
chocolate vanilla ice-cream
Molly and me
were best friends you see
We would do everything ,
from hurtem, to sell green
for each other,
couldn't put no other, or a brother, or a lover,
in front
to do so would be
on our relationship
couldn't get no greater
than the greats
And of course we got hat-ters,
who made us even greater
Alpha and Omega created it
when he made us,
our bond
and now forever

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Breakup Poem

Inspiration: Thinking about my lost of focus
Word: Courage

In you I hold no interest
your desirable clause
and it's tantalizing phrase
do not confine me,
nor inspire me.
To you I once looked in awe
I admired your mystique
And quivered at your knowledge
but now I find no luster
So today I mustered up
the courage
to tell you
it's over

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Indulge in me

Inspiration: The dripping sound of my air conditioner 
Word: oozed 

I oozed 
my lips drizzled 
and my eyes secreted  
as my ears did nothing but listen
in wild amazement
I heard my heart hiss 
for more of this
for more of your, pleasant words
and apparent touch
I could not hush
the sound of wanting
of loving 
of not having been loved
wanting it to be in my bearing
I grew parched as my lips ran out 
of saliva
cool my touch-
with your immaculate being
Your relevance 
to my situation
is making me grow impatient 
I know your hesitant to have me
but indulge 


Monday, July 11, 2011

Clear Blue

Inspiration: So the blue chakra means self-exsression
Word: Blue

My blue was self-exspression
self evident
I wallowed in it
never hesitant
I exposed all unknown
and drank tea with the finer things
I swallowed down rum and coke
and desired never to be coaxed
enough to drown in it
but only to be found in it
and to be brought out

A young girl's confession

Inspiration: Church today.
Word: lovely

To some you were love
to me you were life.
So my tears were deserving.
I had wronged myself in this very idea.
Giving you my all, my everything.
I forgot that I possessed rubies.
That I was more, that I was lovely.
No wonder you wouldn't love me,
or want me. After I had s p r e a d
like an eager bunny
I wanted you, I hated me.
Through you I lost me.
Through you I found me.
Through you I had me,
and gave myself back to my king-
and he forgave me.

Dazed and Confused

Inspiration: I'm trying to write more rhythmically
Word: Dazed and Confused

Dazed and confused
I sat husslin' in the moonlight
as the sun creeped in,
and stormed away the new life.
My life picked up, 
and took off with all my old strife.
I couldn't reason with it
He had gone through this for four nights.

For four nights I laid back in bed
and attempted to mange all the thoughts in my head.
I couldn't keep up with the pattern or the rhyme scheme
So I gave it all up
and erased my thoughts with icing. 

Sweet Cup of Bliss

Inspiration: I have no idea
Word: Cradle

What do you make of?
A baby in a cradle
and a never ending dreidel-
life took up a stable
and built a big open nest in it
to live
to create
to sing songs of passion and hate
and forget about the harassin
of the devil's, ears-
among us in our mist,
I hear the devil's hiss,
Eve gave him a nasty kiss,
and now I'm stuck with this,
a baby, a cradle,
a never ending dreidel
appearing as life-
my hopes cracked on a table
I heed the evergreen
and inhale the quiet scent
It's here, that I squeeze happiness into my lap
and enjoy a sweet cup of bliss.

The runnin man

Inspiration: Watching one of my favorite movies, Forrest Gump
Word: Ran

He ran like the wind blew
and they called him a runnin' fool
See he was goin'
not commin'
not stumblin'
He was about
what they talked about
His mission was his vision
His everlastin' decisions
created barriers
for the warriors--
His feet offset wars
he brought about chores
the front men were struck by hor-rorss.
Hurrah Hurray to this runnin' man today
Whose feet sang so loud
they chirruped through yesterday
and created the baby who would teach to the people
and give notes of dos and don'ts
and how to love as regal-
See the runnin' man taught the world
how to do right