Sunday, July 31, 2011

Satan's Breeze

Inspiration: I was talking to myself in the bathroom.
Word: Speak

Speak to me.
Allow your voice
to converse with mine.
Allow my sound
inside you.

Listen to it.
Did it awake you?
Did the bass in my voice,
quake you?

I'm like that.
I'm able to stir things up,
and I thought you might like it.

Did you?
Did my voice do you?

Well not like that of course?
Dirty mind, clean up.
I'm just talking about voices here.
Conversations really.
But my voice did give you vibrations,

I know it did, its alright,
you don't have to confess...
if it causes you distress.
To admit my power,
my hold,
over you.

Ha its funny actually,
All I said was one word
and you were fallin' at my knees.

Its safe to say I had you,
with ease.

Your legs,
pish posh, they were a breeze.
because remember,
the sound quaked you.

And once you were up,
you were thirsty for me.

Ha see I require a little bit of fantasy.
For you to get how I work.
It's a perk to be around me.

I'm a mess really, but you can't see that.
All you do is hear me,
and you like the sound...
so you let me quake you...
and again your legs fall open
because babe,
I make you want me.

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