Sunday, July 31, 2011

A Solid Understanding

Inspiration: A mixture of things. Thinking about leaving for college, my dad, etc.
Word: Understanding

It's amazing to think
of your earthiness.
You're beautiful in that.

I admire the way you are you,
and they way you allowed me to be free.

See it's freedom really.
To be allowed to smile at ease.
And to look directly in your eyes
and now feel hindered or,
For doing so.

Yea it's funny to ponder your
quirkiness, and how you were quick on your feet.

I always enjoyed the breeze
that I felt with you.

The way the grass tickled my feet
and how the dirt stuck to my toes.

And how I loved the way
the flowers excited my nose.

But this was only with you,
this true appreciation for the earth,
And in fact, I forgot it, once you left.

And I was empty again, trying to find a reason
trying to learn an understanding.

But now I was off center,
no since of balance
and I craved those days
when the clock stood still
and I was solid
with you.

Because you grounded me
and for the first time I thought for sure
that the earth stood still.

But you left.
For what reason I still don't know.
But for some reason,
the earth tells me...I will.

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