Sunday, July 31, 2011

Them Days are Over

Inspiration: Dog Days are Over by Florence and The Machine
Word: Over

Coming fast now
there's your past now
but its over
done with
you conquered it
ya over it.

Step heavily into your future
take over it
become it
Become You.

Live steadily now
with wonder
with desire
with faith in what you've made
and make what you have faith in.

Excrete your passion into your livin'
and live for the ultimate feelin'.

Your feeling's of hurt
and hatred are over
done with.

Your weary feet
are on fresh soil now.
Take advantage of it.
Do it
be it
become more than you'd
think you'd ever be.

See the world for me, and
tell your story.

Exist in a passionate life
and fulfill your sweet destiny.

Because Sweetheart,
your dog days are over.

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