Thursday, January 31, 2013

Po Dream

Poe it tree
saved me

So I stay wrapped in her
trying to pull my heart out,
break her from this cave

I wanna,
swim good
and take heed in him
feel the touch of her

I want to experience that fragile
thirst, some folk call it love

Can I take off my skin for you?
Expose you only to my flesh-

Can I press my bleeding self against you?
Will you feel my hurt?

I love to watch the flow-

I love how it never stops
no mater how still the water is

I took a bath in it
tried to drown myself
to stop the sour breath

I looked to her eyes for kindness
searched them for affirmation
reached out to
wanted your love

I cut myself on the prick deep inside your chest-
but I still held onto it hoping my feel would heal the hurt,
hoping my burn would feel good.

I'm dreaming still-
imaging a world where you knew me,
knew about we,
felt the possibilities-

My life be lucid like that
my mind swollen
fighting the uncertainty of time
dreaming for a break-
running towards a lie.

I'm dreaming still-
but I don't see the sunshine of tomorrow,
only the dull of today.

My heart be hopelessly in hopeless hope-
for you

I lose myself with a sick lit bud
and sizzle into quiet time-

I'm back with you,
and you're wrapping me-
like poetry always do

Keeping me quiet,
sound only in my chest

but you see I'm dreaming still-
imaging a time when my reality did not exist
but we did