Thursday, June 30, 2011

Mad Raps about Wacks

Inspiration: Thinking about my favorite song Ever! By Death Cab for a Cutie, A lack of color
Word: Wind

When the wind blew
He took ha
and wrapped ha in his rapture
Breathin; deeply
in the essence
of the God forsaken presence
I arouse to the knowledge
of my brother's sweepin hoes
I obliged silly fools
don't trip on bein' used
I can't refuse a duce
or a set of 22s

Who is that woman, you been messin' with
no you been fuckin' with
the one you dropped a kid and a dollar and
set yaself rid

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Why I Write

Inspiration: Ha, I was thinking about poetry and just started rambling like I often do
Word: Brighten

I'll teach you how to write poetry,

I'll lay the words down before you
and show you how a soliloquy
can bandage a heartbreak
and how an extended metaphor
can explore dusted over wishes

I'll teach you how to write poetry
in hopes that you might use it

Use it in your life endeavors
and to make your language, clever

I'll teach you how to write poetry
with cool similes
and the perks of personification
which will bring me to alliteration

And then I'll show you how to juxtapose
Life and Death
to talk about living
and Angles and Demons
to talk about believing

I'll teach you how to write poetry
so that you might invite the world into
your darkest places

So that the love of humanity might
brighten them

The birth of a Great

Inspiration: I was thinking about how people learn from the greats and then become greats
Word: Brilliant

Eloquence is developed
in the minds of their own
When sweet lips tangle
in the depths of the brilliant minds
known before them


Inspiration: I think I wrote this in church on Father's Day
Word: Uplift

Don't cry for me-
I was just a glimpse
of a remembrance brought fourth
by the Father
to uplift his name.
Cry for him
and his timeless goodness
and in that you'll give thanks.


Inspiration: This song by Jewel called She Cries
Word: Butterfly

She couldn't be honest with herself
the idea of looking at her own face
and speaking the truth
motivated her to shatter every piece of glass in her life

She thought of suicide once
thought that, that was better then admitting it was all lies
meeting the truth

But then she thought of life after remembrance
and saw her skin burning in a second death

So she meditated on the truth
and let her truth become her reality
and revoked herself of the hurt
that created her lies

She let her,self, cry
and weep about
the baggage she'd be carrying

The reason she'd been lying
the true cause of her dying

and, in that she sunk into the truth of her lies
and bloomed
like a newly born


Missing Friend

Inspiration: Just thinking of some of the friends I've had in my life.
Word: Missing

We were friends once
deeply rooted in our more than love
for one another
My heart, pumped,
when hers couldn't
My legs, stood,
when hers descended
She was my everything
See my momma told me to
"never give a man your everything"
So I gave it to my friend
hopein', she wouldn't lose it
or abuse it
but Jesus My Lord she did
and I responded, to it
I grew hard
My river of love for her
turned into a dying sea of
I hated
yes hated
more than I had ever loved
"Hell hath no fury,
like a woman scorned"
Yes I was scorned
My skin prickled
at the thought of her
and lapsed into nothing
but blood
because of the lack of touch
that belonged to the warming hug
of this missing friend
My friend had gone missing
this thing called jealousy and
envy had takin' her from me
It had sucked her up,
really vacuumed her,
into a cocoon
of vengeful demons
attempting to chastise me
But my God all I can do is
Sing loudly and with melody
in hopes that she might hear me
Hear the compassion of the tenor in my voice
and feel the feeling of the soprano in my tongue
embrace the friendship sung from my lips
And understand that our endearment
is worth more than rubies
Come back to me,

Missing Friend

A life of Love

Inspiration: Washing my face.
Word: Brown

Look at that
pretty brown face
with those
hips stretched wide
See her
she's, fantasized about
dreams about
her dreams
and what will be
of he who will have her
and what will become of those
that are gifted enough
to partake in the depths of her beauty
See, her soul is beauty
there is nothing bout infinite wonder
in her luster
She calls love to those before her
Her babies are named
lovely and lovelier
and she teaches them
how to love
They breathe it
shes is it
She lives it
It is
A life, of Love

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Inspiration: I'm laying on my arm and it got numb
Word: Think

Everything grew numb
which forced the brain to think

Wild Love

Inspiration: I have no ideal 
Word: Tainted

It loved her widely-
she accepted the passion
and together we fell deceitfully
into a pool of tainted lust

Daddy's Girl

Inspiration: A photo of my dad and I.
Word: Everlasting

He was a coo' man
with a furry mouth and a
slick back.
Ridin' in his Cadillac,
was his fresh face baby girl.

They were,
beautifully black,
the two of them.

Same noses
Similar faces

It was fate when God brought her,
she saved him.

She made him,
defy the doctors and
reject all diseases,

Their love was like chemical-

She needed him
he wanted her
to always stay his lovely

Death was the only thing thought to take their love apart
but it merely made it stronger,
Sweeter, more easily to indulge.

The lack of nullity
and the procession of tears
brought forth an everlasting endearment
between Daddy
and his little girl

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Good Foundations

Inspiration:My keds are reallll dirrty : (
Word: Dirty

They looked old-
and they were fairly dirty,
and wet

But she had used them
to walk store to store
street to street

They even made her feet wreak
bur they were hers
and not much, in fact nothing else was

So she wore them proudly
to dances, being romanced
to the moon if she had to

Because to reject the foundation that always carried her
was like steeping barefoot in a pool of glass

Simple Math

Inspiration: I was looking at my hand
Word: One

Have you ever wondered how
one hand can touch
another hand
and intertwine perfectly

Creating a jealous bond
envied by many
but treasured by one

Because two becomes one
when two ones

Released Gift

Inspiration: I have something in my eye THAT IS DRIVING ME CRAZY
Word: Hurt

It hurt,
(every part of it)
but I let the pressure push pass the pain
(and thats when the real hurt came)

It felt like, knives
(sharp ones)
were digging deep into my thighs
(thats when I started to cry)

He began to realize
that I had given him my greatest gift
(and he was proud of it)

So he sunk his teeth into my neck
and let his weight fully consume me
(This thing covered me)

Looking up at the sweaty beast
quivering at the sound of his feast

I learned that I no longer yearned to be
lusted for
(to be
haunted for)

I pushed back
and attempted to pain him

But I was no match to this
hungry lusting man
so I laid and wept

and prayed to God in regret

Sunday, June 12, 2011

I Will Not Cry for You

Inspiration: My friend just broke up with her jerky mean boyfriend
Word: Peace

I will not cry for you
I will not excrete any liquids from my tear ducts
in your name

I will not, feel pity for you
My heart will not break
in response to your instantaneous
self neglect

I will no longer worry about you
You have stripped me of my good name
and attempted to break my faith

I, will now, laugh at you
I laugh at your mistakes
and pray for your disgrace

You, have not, won with me

I conquered myself
and won back my name
while capturing my tears
and turning my pity into pride

My life, will now, be abided by


Inspiration: I was at Micky D's and someone bought this homeless man a meal
Word: Story

It's not polite to stare
but I couldn't help it
he, fascinated me

watched him,
as he, used every muscle in his chin
to simply chew
It was funny actually,
witnessing him bring his bottom lip
all, the way up, to his nose
I smiled at the gestures of this sweet homeless man

Someone had just given him a meal
His rapid chewing
and little speech
said thank you.

I found myself tracing along all
of his facial lines
his journey

His face, see, told a story
a novel really
His eyelids, were heavy
He took long blinks
and sat perfectly still

It was, I guess eloquent
to watch,
to stare,
at the normality,
yet remarkable beauty,

In this sweet homeless man.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Fading Images

Inspiration: My daddy's Bday
Word: Memory

I can't remember his laugh
or his whisper
barely his grin

Often I squint
trying to make out the lost image
of his face

trying hard not to erase
the essence of him
that I wish was engraved in my memory

I want to hold on tightly
firmly, to the feel of him holding me
loving me
being here with me

I miss him

yea so I don't really like it, but I needed to get it out

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Unwanted Sentimental Havings of a Teenage Girl

Inspiration: I really don't know I thought of the title and ran with it
Word: Listening/Loving

So I didn't want it
this thing
that He persisted on having
He kept asking
I kept smashing

I grew sick of it
the run around

Felt like I had just sold out
and glued a tail onto my tail
Because he just wouldn't stop chasing my tail

My God, this tale of a teenage girl
having to tell her ever so yearning boyfriend
She was not
not even wanting
or desiring (ok maybe desiring)

But definitely not wishing
for it,
thing that boys dreamed about
wept about
yelped about

Oh boys My Boy
what have we

But 3 innocent months of
cuddling, rubbing,
even kissing...

But my friend there's been NO listening
so of course,
there will be

I like it

Earth Sounds

Inspiration: Sitting on my back porch
Word: Breeze

Quiet sounds
to the listening
they speak to one another
making peace
creating breeze


Inspiration: I was listening to the boys with girlfriends
Word: Unkept

She watched them
as he kept her
felling wanted
tasting loved
She watched them
as her unkept arms
kept her legs
dreaming of that
that was too far away
to truly want
but she kept it up
until their kept love

Friday, June 3, 2011

Days like this

Inspiration: Prom House
Word: Raps

Wishing Wanting
Wanting Wishing
The lost tucked up
in the bottom of the rattling
The sun soaked up
in the bones of the inhibitors,
My love choked up
in the rhyming of the spitters...
he, hit, her
down to make a point
but the point lined up
and burned him with his joint
all the joints filled up
with with souls of all the bitter
now my lips cracked up
from likin' all the splitters....
but I sit coaxed up
laid back, relaxed
and laugh
at all my wack attempts to make raps....