Thursday, June 16, 2011

Daddy's Girl

Inspiration: A photo of my dad and I.
Word: Everlasting

He was a coo' man
with a furry mouth and a
slick back.
Ridin' in his Cadillac,
was his fresh face baby girl.

They were,
beautifully black,
the two of them.

Same noses
Similar faces

It was fate when God brought her,
she saved him.

She made him,
defy the doctors and
reject all diseases,

Their love was like chemical-

She needed him
he wanted her
to always stay his lovely

Death was the only thing thought to take their love apart
but it merely made it stronger,
Sweeter, more easily to indulge.

The lack of nullity
and the procession of tears
brought forth an everlasting endearment
between Daddy
and his little girl

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