Saturday, June 4, 2011

Unwanted Sentimental Havings of a Teenage Girl

Inspiration: I really don't know I thought of the title and ran with it
Word: Listening/Loving

So I didn't want it
this thing
that He persisted on having
He kept asking
I kept smashing

I grew sick of it
the run around

Felt like I had just sold out
and glued a tail onto my tail
Because he just wouldn't stop chasing my tail

My God, this tale of a teenage girl
having to tell her ever so yearning boyfriend
She was not
not even wanting
or desiring (ok maybe desiring)

But definitely not wishing
for it,
thing that boys dreamed about
wept about
yelped about

Oh boys My Boy
what have we

But 3 innocent months of
cuddling, rubbing,
even kissing...

But my friend there's been NO listening
so of course,
there will be

I like it

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