Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Released Gift

Inspiration: I have something in my eye THAT IS DRIVING ME CRAZY
Word: Hurt

It hurt,
(every part of it)
but I let the pressure push pass the pain
(and thats when the real hurt came)

It felt like, knives
(sharp ones)
were digging deep into my thighs
(thats when I started to cry)

He began to realize
that I had given him my greatest gift
(and he was proud of it)

So he sunk his teeth into my neck
and let his weight fully consume me
(This thing covered me)

Looking up at the sweaty beast
quivering at the sound of his feast

I learned that I no longer yearned to be
lusted for
(to be
haunted for)

I pushed back
and attempted to pain him

But I was no match to this
hungry lusting man
so I laid and wept

and prayed to God in regret

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