Monday, April 30, 2012


Inspiration: Late night realization 

You have to get lost, to find yourself.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

No Woman No Cry

Inspiration: My Favorite Bob Marley Song
Word: Cry *the words in italics are meant to be sung*

"No Woman No Cry"

I be sad now
real down now
My face aint so hot- right now

I be cryin'
engulfed by tears-
fillin' up the golf cost

I be, dyin' now
(feel like it)

Pain don't move softly
but slowly
tearin' me up,
I can't heal,
no more

"Here little darlin', don't shed no tears"
Shed, my blood shed
dull crimson red
I am (dead) now
head turned
eyes flicked
nullity etched deep down,
in my skin

I be,
hollerin' now
beggin' now

Won't you forgive
won't you-

Let me live,

I wanna breathe,
hurt joyfully,

"My fear is my only courage"
my fear is, my courage
so I guess I gotta push on through

Aint that what DuBois said
Aint that what, my Lord said

I suppose I outta be like them, then
and stop all this dyin'
and cryin'
and fussin and shit
and do what Ms. Oprah did-

Turn these crimson wounds
into my wisdom
and learn-
how to live with them

"Cus everything's gonna be alright, everything's gonna be alright"
Least' that's what a dear love of mine said to me,
said it would
all be             right
(Which seems too hard to believe)

That's why I end up cryin'
and that's how I'm gone end up,

Because I let my tears nurture the dead in me
I live regrettin' me
and I aint too proud to be

Sometimes I wish I knew how to lie
or act real good
So I could live happy
and free

Be like that woman who don't know no cry
and learn to only surrender my life
to the beautiful things

Written April 13th and 14th

Brown, Green, and Yellow

Inspiration: Sitting in the grass
Word: Understand

There's peace in nature
a simplicity 
a stillness

I rested my pride there
took off my head
and sat, mindfully
distanced myself from everything
closer still

I chilled
and watched,

Sometimes the bees fly
too close to my ear
and I tense and become afraid

But I let the idea wash from me
and appreciate the effortlessness
of my surroundings

no special lighting
or nicely paved pathways
just tall
untamed grass

brown, green, and yellow
hard, soft, and gentile

and small creeping insects
unapologetically exploring the visitors
of their home

I rest my pride there
humbled by the perfectness
and sweetly at peace
I understand,
that this is everything

Written April 9th-5:15pm

Sunday, April 8, 2012

A Thug is?

Inspiration: None other than the trillest Nikki G
Word: Everyday 

Someone who’s weathered the storm
Swirled with the unruly
Lived unafraid
Ruthless and dangerous
Someone brave
who’s demanded the truth
Created justice
Died for passion
Angered the law makers
My mother.

Someone who’s been
But not broken
Sometimes unspoken
The trillest
The loud
The Angry
The Proud

the preacher
definitely the school teacher
my uncle
the grocer
the maid
especially the slave

the people
my people
the everyday

Friday, April 6, 2012

Chloe Hates Butterflies.

Inspiration: Everything has a root.
Word: Cause.

A dear love of mine
hates butterflies
she runs
and yells
and curses
and swings
she hates-
more than anything

I've watched
for some time now
as she's angered herself
by the sight of them

and wondered
what truly
does my dear love hate


Inspiration: Woah there, I truly hate awkward situations.
Word: Disgrace

I don't do well in awkward situations
I find myself rambling
talking out of turn

I often fidget
and alter my voice

I ignore
and attempt to refocus

I stare heavily away
I become impatient

I neglect presence
and dream myself away

I breathe
my hands
my heart
me throat
my teeth

and I
am unsoundly
and impact-fully disgraced

Ordinary Brown Girl.

Inspiration: I think everyone asks themselves this in doubt at one point.
Word: Same.

Am I
a great

Does my tongue
have merit

does my soul
have soul

does my heart
have character

am I worthy
of knowledge

am I down
for the cause

do my hands
create greatness

does my mouth
speak trouble

does my movement
allow laughter

does my being
excite pause

Am I anything
of importance

am I meager


never brilliant


the same.

The Truth.

Inspiration: Welp, about a day ago this is exactly how I felt.
word: Confused.

I feel lost today
I'm awfully conflicted
down right confused

I know nothing
(nor how I should be used)
I feel rotten or senseless-

I want meaning
I dream for cause
I want to be known
learned of
and practiced

I want to be something
stirred by purpose
I want the world to know this

I want to be forgiven
and loved
I want passion
the soul of Aphrodite

I want to feed the hungry
teach the world peace
I want to pray for all of those
lost and diseased
I want to love the loveless
heal the grieving

I want-
to hear my dad laugh.
(perfect and painless)

I want to do
I yearn to be
I'm rather confused
and I don't know