Saturday, April 14, 2012

Brown, Green, and Yellow

Inspiration: Sitting in the grass
Word: Understand

There's peace in nature
a simplicity 
a stillness

I rested my pride there
took off my head
and sat, mindfully
distanced myself from everything
closer still

I chilled
and watched,

Sometimes the bees fly
too close to my ear
and I tense and become afraid

But I let the idea wash from me
and appreciate the effortlessness
of my surroundings

no special lighting
or nicely paved pathways
just tall
untamed grass

brown, green, and yellow
hard, soft, and gentile

and small creeping insects
unapologetically exploring the visitors
of their home

I rest my pride there
humbled by the perfectness
and sweetly at peace
I understand,
that this is everything

Written April 9th-5:15pm

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