Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Plan

Inspiration: This is actually my dream
Word: Fly

I want to be about 60, have white tinged dreads down my back, lifted on what makes me fly, and sit back and write poetry till I die.

I Would Love

Inspiration: How I feel
Word: Love

I would love-
more than anything
more than he loved Sandy
more than my grandfather loved Ramsey
even more than poets loved to rhyme,
To be able to tell the world everything-
shed my story
not for glory
but for peace

Hopes of becoming my words

Inspiration: Rambling about how I think my words flow
Word: Outward

Sometimes I just want to gather my words
I want to arrange them into squares
similar to my thoughts
and force them outward
like them too
I want to mingle and mangle
and tripple and dangle
until their relished
by the quickening of movement.
I want them to be excited by the dance
thrusted by it's output.
I want them to roast,
cook in awkward
B flat
nothing of the word
There's a source,
something for theses words
worth listening to
work tirelessly too
do how I do
dance how I dance-
See I want these words to
write away quickly
fight and ride with me
I would like them
to be me

A Somber Thought

Inspiration: The power of the Vagina Monologues
Word: Massacre

There is a storm-
creating a ferocious 
massacre of death singing for freedom
from demons
I remember-
what life was like
when sunshine dined
and sipped on the happiness of the rippling
before the massacre,
before the earth ran aimlessly
into clouds of disaster
dismantling  the suns that were left
I recall-
A snowfall that didn’t cause stillness
But quaked a certain resemblance of
And kindled those yearning to have
The not yet had
I had once-
what was lost
I lost once
what was had
There is a storm now-
That has created a ferocious massacre
of death singing for freedom
from the demons 

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Nothing Said

Inspiration: Thinking about writing something, if you have nothing to say.
Word: Said

If there is nothing to be said
what is gained from waisting words?
Does it offer reassurance
if I fill the air with lackluster speech,
often modeled by threatened sinners?
I never neglect
thoughtful notions for reason,
but am troubled in the understanding
of giving nothing, for nothingness.

No One Answer

Inspiration: Kinda how my brain works.
Word: Erratic

Often I have these erratic thoughts
I think of things not orthodox
and some seemingly left sided
Or I may think with roots-
fear and freedom
and inquire with
the heart of my desires
lusting only
to know knowledge
of the knowing
I search for meaning in meaning
and rely on the relevance of relevance
I often lie confused
in the circles of
my growing confusion
With gains in understanding
I become stricken by uncertainty
resolving my thoughts
to surrender to the infinite