Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mr. Smiles

Inspiration: I saw this adorable old man at the Dollar Tree today.
Word: Smile

He always bought six bottles of five hour energy.
He smelled of old dippers, and he must have been somewhere between the age of 90-95.
I called him Mr. Smiles,
because every time I saw him at the Dollar Tree he conjured a smile across my face. 
He wore loose suspenders with overworked brown loafers.
And with the exception of his energy drink obsession, he was a traditional old man. 
He had this way of smacking his lips to account for every dollar he spent at the Dollar Tree. 
Making sure to pay in exact change, he stood on tip toe and hunched his stomach forward as he reached into the bottom creases of his old khaki pants, they had a worn look to them. 
Finally, before he left the casher with a uplifting "thank you", and an even more gladdening "you have a good day now", he ruffled through the candy bark selection and insisted on buying me his favorite piece. 
I called him Mr. Smiles, because he never felled to stir up a smile in me. 

Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Tricks of Mother Nature


I sat there.
Starring at the white ruffled sheets wishing, them, red-
Begging them to somehow morph into a color that would give me reason to...
Well, put on a pad,
Ya see, I wanted my period to come
I wanted it to flow out in record numbers sending my head spiraling over my shoulders
to caress the pain from much needed cramps.
See prom was a week a way,
My dress was pink, light pink.
And every time I stood still and closed my eyes, all I saw was a Huge Red Spot, on the back of my prom dress.
And that, I just couldn't have, so...
I prayed for it
attempted to induce it
and begged and pleaded with my ovaries
in hopes that they might release it.
Just when I had given up hope,
and almost traded my beautiful pale pink dress in for- a black one,
There it was.
A huge red spot on the back of my ass
in the middle of a major department store.

Lesson learned, be careful what you wish for.

Stolen Truth


The truth was in the dirt of her fingernail
It mingled there.
Acknowledged only when she attempted
to edge it out with folded paper,
or when she bit at it
attempting to suppress it.
It was unwanted-
so she cut it out,
bit it out,
rid her cuticles of it.
But in the flake of the falling nail
stood the truth
waiting for someone to steal it.


Inspiration: So I could think of one, and my friend Patrice recommended truth.
Word: Truth

Her tongue smelt of it-
It was eroded away with the discrepancy
that he had previously stung her mouth with-
every time he offered a taste of his truth.
He saliva was sickening,
and it was made up of empty particles
that salivated at inglorious desires.
The nastiness of his feel caused her to shake
and allowed him to sliver away

Yea...I kinda of hate it.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Barbed Beauty

Inspiration: Maude Reilly
Word: Stem

In the midst of the belligerent
and amongst the ugliest demons
true eloquent beauty was regurgitated out of
searing thorns
she hung her head
and walked dry away from them
away from it
away from a life
that threatened the true nature of who she was
of what she was becoming
her magnificent soul soared clear across their hotly laughter
into a place that awarded only the beautiful
She by soul and by grace was adored with
respect for the true stemming of who she was.

Admirable Elation

Inspiration: Talia Jacobson
Word: Peace

She was whimsical
her eyes glittered with faith
dyeing the sleepless colors of gold
and She gave
in what would become of a world
tightly glued together with affection and
groomed sweetly by iridescent love.
Her heart beckoned the maddening sounds of the lonely
to halt
as she galloped towards them with tender endearment
and embraced them with friendship.
Her friendship bled over hateful scars
and discolored color wars,
it brought upon an almost sicking rapture that resembled glee.
She was whimsical-
and her heart dreamed to love-
She was peace-
and she sleeps in jovial tranquility.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Inspiration: Geeze
Word: People

I wrote a poem today.
Hoping you might allow it into you.
Open your ears
really listen,
to the old myths and wise tales
of the people.
my people.
our people.

Hear about how the earth gave birth to the tsunami
and watch the souls of people wade in the water
watch the soles of people wonder and wonder
see the holes in people after their hope has gone yonder.

Imagine how the slaves broke their backs
and how the natives had to leave without packin' their back-
pack up your troubles and turn you head to the struggle.

With wide hands feel the residue of a decaying body
left carelessly, so love might die.
Greet the the family whose hearts turned black from
black on black crime spinning from genocides.
How about 509 lives.

Look at that orphan
searchin' for a daddy who went off to rape
some other poor innocent-
she's lying in a grave now.

We're lyin in graves now
aint we?
Cuz we killin' we see.
We losin us see.

What happened to us lovin'
one brother
what happened to the care
we once shared
for each other
I lust for a chance
for us to love and heal

I look forward to the day
we no longer weep
and gain the strength
to ice over the flames of our hell
and live uncorruptly
in peace

Hello Corner

Inspiration: I was sitting on a corner waiting for the bus and it just came to me.
Word: Friction

Liquor woke up and kissed the devil in the mouth
and before I knew it-
before I blinked-
I was fallin' ass out-
feet first-
thirst quenched-
with salty passion...

I'm parched
the lick was fulfilling
and I sucked hard and created friction
so heated
only the way I shook my thighs and
eased my goodbye
could stop it.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Ant War

Inspiration: I truly have no idea. Oh yea..I scratched... I remembered as I scratched again lol.
Word: Apple...which I couldn't figure out how to spell.

As I scratched
I heard the clatter of bugs gather at the brim of
an apple
Attacking it
A full fledged war on the round ovary
"Had it done anything?"
A thought crossed me and I shook it off and gritted my teeth
and then snap-
I shook as I saw
the apple in half
for nothing
but satisfaction from an all too greedy army of
little ants
that resembled Americans

Ask and you Shall Receive

Inspiration: I had my windows open and a nice breeze was coming in.
Word: Happiness

Those words left unsaid and unsung
I whispered to the breeze
and let them say them to me
in a tone that chilled me with comfort
I lifted my chin and widened my legs
and allowed them to flow in me at every direction
I became the words and they whispered in my body
begging to be free
as I stood, they rattled my bones
and chattered my teeth,
till finally I screamed
louder than loud
higher than most
"I yearned for happiness
and God gave happiness to me"

If only I could have you

Inspiration: Me against zee world.
Word: Immiscible

I'm sorry…
I didn't mean to-
stick you with my words and make ignorant verbs run into you aimlessly
I apologize...
I really didn't desire to make my nouns, your enemies, and my adverbs your insecurities
Please forgive me....
Would you?
Look over my attempts to use thy's conjunctions to butter you up with everything you're immiscible with....
I have a problem-
With, speaking my tongue in the right way, and asking it to conform to proper verbs and pronouns-
I'm not the kind of noun people take to-
I'm that -thing- usually looked over because
of my inability to assimilate into a polar society.
My non-polarization equips me for fire
and I latch on to it easily, hungrily, waiting to stirrup trouble
or mix up a love connection-
but you wouldn't let me...
I could light your fire...
like I often do.
If you let me to.
You didn't dwell in me long.
You were too light and my thickness oozed against your particles-
and you needed air.
All I, ever wanted to do was
reach inside you
push myself in
and light your fire.
But you didn't allow my adverbs to woo you,
or drag you away from your desire to clean
dirty things like me..
Well, like I said, dear,
I’m sorry…

I like it! Its strange : )

Fast Dreamin'

Inspiration: I'm about to hit the dec
Word: Whimsically.

I saw a dream today,
it captivated me
it twirled my thoughts and aligned them with motions
till I was whimsically dancing on broken cans and empty baskets
but I didn't care none
round and round
and felt my legs crash against the grown
and I threw
my hands up
I clapped loud
and louder
and laughed
and shouted
because this was no ordinary dream
it was my dream to be free
to let my caged soul wisp away in the breeze
and it left effortlessly
this was me
I saw freedom
and it captivated me.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lies to Live

Inspiration: The TV Show still standing
Word: lie/truth

Standing straight
with her feet on the ground
she crookedly faked a smile
and lied a laugh

Standing upright
with her toes planted firmly
she pretended to live
and falsely offered confidence

with her insides numb
she opened her mouth
poured the truth in
washed down a catalyst
and had no more lies to live

Misread color

Inspiration: I saw a bug die
Word: Decomposition

The color of her heart bled dark marks of sadness
and she colored over them with brown open lines
and the decomposition of cells
as she pretended to dream that the world would halt
and she slew the masters of her hate when
she shattered her own image and saw herself dead
with regret

ehhhdon't like it

What Gives Life

Inspiration: Living, and air
Word: Synchronized

If the crispness of the air
was enough to keep one synchronized with life
then everything under the sun would have meaning
but mere air can not give a heart a reason to live
only compassion and love can enable one's soul
to bloom into the lost excitement of existence

Live (but die trying)

Inspiration: A movie
Word: begging

She lived, but died trying
and her true life came to her when the death was done
She was gone and she had gone to every which way
to get you to sing her name
to love her name
to look behind her name
and see her
the scared
(frightened really)
little one
begging for love
and she lived, but died trying

Finale Notice

Inspiration: Going Away
Word: Go

If I whispered goodbye to you
and hesitate an I love you
and tantalize you with a smile
and drifted off into nothing
would you let me go peacefully
would you let my essence fume your nose
and allow my coming to go

Life after Death

Inspiration: Weird dream
Word: Life

I twisted my body and slid it through a key whole
and grinned as I saw the sparks of my new home
firecrackers screaming and the sounds of hate
overwhelmed my eardrums and sung me to sleep
I smirked in the darkness and laughed at the horns
that made some tremble but made me sing in terrifying happiness.
This was the life I had longed for
This is the life I was afraid of
This is the life I died for
and in this life
I will live