Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Inspiration: Geeze
Word: People

I wrote a poem today.
Hoping you might allow it into you.
Open your ears
really listen,
to the old myths and wise tales
of the people.
my people.
our people.

Hear about how the earth gave birth to the tsunami
and watch the souls of people wade in the water
watch the soles of people wonder and wonder
see the holes in people after their hope has gone yonder.

Imagine how the slaves broke their backs
and how the natives had to leave without packin' their back-
pack up your troubles and turn you head to the struggle.

With wide hands feel the residue of a decaying body
left carelessly, so love might die.
Greet the the family whose hearts turned black from
black on black crime spinning from genocides.
How about 509 lives.

Look at that orphan
searchin' for a daddy who went off to rape
some other poor innocent-
she's lying in a grave now.

We're lyin in graves now
aint we?
Cuz we killin' we see.
We losin us see.

What happened to us lovin'
one brother
what happened to the care
we once shared
for each other
I lust for a chance
for us to love and heal

I look forward to the day
we no longer weep
and gain the strength
to ice over the flames of our hell
and live uncorruptly
in peace

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