Monday, May 9, 2011

If only I could have you

Inspiration: Me against zee world.
Word: Immiscible

I'm sorry…
I didn't mean to-
stick you with my words and make ignorant verbs run into you aimlessly
I apologize...
I really didn't desire to make my nouns, your enemies, and my adverbs your insecurities
Please forgive me....
Would you?
Look over my attempts to use thy's conjunctions to butter you up with everything you're immiscible with....
I have a problem-
With, speaking my tongue in the right way, and asking it to conform to proper verbs and pronouns-
I'm not the kind of noun people take to-
I'm that -thing- usually looked over because
of my inability to assimilate into a polar society.
My non-polarization equips me for fire
and I latch on to it easily, hungrily, waiting to stirrup trouble
or mix up a love connection-
but you wouldn't let me...
I could light your fire...
like I often do.
If you let me to.
You didn't dwell in me long.
You were too light and my thickness oozed against your particles-
and you needed air.
All I, ever wanted to do was
reach inside you
push myself in
and light your fire.
But you didn't allow my adverbs to woo you,
or drag you away from your desire to clean
dirty things like me..
Well, like I said, dear,
I’m sorry…

I like it! Its strange : )

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