Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Tricks of Mother Nature


I sat there.
Starring at the white ruffled sheets wishing, them, red-
Begging them to somehow morph into a color that would give me reason to...
Well, put on a pad,
Ya see, I wanted my period to come
I wanted it to flow out in record numbers sending my head spiraling over my shoulders
to caress the pain from much needed cramps.
See prom was a week a way,
My dress was pink, light pink.
And every time I stood still and closed my eyes, all I saw was a Huge Red Spot, on the back of my prom dress.
And that, I just couldn't have, so...
I prayed for it
attempted to induce it
and begged and pleaded with my ovaries
in hopes that they might release it.
Just when I had given up hope,
and almost traded my beautiful pale pink dress in for- a black one,
There it was.
A huge red spot on the back of my ass
in the middle of a major department store.

Lesson learned, be careful what you wish for.

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