Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lingering Pain

Inspiration: That feeling when something that's been troubling you won't go away.
Word: Linger

So the linger of her teardrops,
wouldn't melt away.

They sat heavily on her-
swadling her
in array of lone feelings
and mis-managed dealings.

She hadn't figured it out yet,
she didn't know what this thing was about yet.

Lost and confused,
she let it weigh on her-
it stripped her name from her.

She became a prisoner to it
lost to it,
didn't have enough soul to run from it.

The lost one couldn't fight it,
it bit at her
happily, because she was clueless-
had no idea how to stop it.

She then became about it.
She allowed herself to return to it.

So it was no longer a linger
but it was her, she was it.

So she let her body decompose
as it.

It was kool

Inspiration: Thinking about how "kool" college is.
Word: Kool

It was kool when I talked to you
and you answered back
with an approach
to life
without the wack jokes

See it was kool when I looked at you
and you offered a smile
that read like Eddy King,
Seeing the dope man sing.

Man it was kooler,
to holler at you,
and watch you arch your back,
as you attempted to poke your chest out-
to be a man like that

It was even kooler to laugh at you
as I witnessed your hustle
and saw you try and muscle
your way into life's wonders

And it was fabulous to joke at you
(can't say kool for that)
as you realized you weren't entitled
and in fact you had to work

It was kool to stare at you
as I watched you grow,
from an ignorant young genital
into a man who knows-

And it was damn kool to get with you,
once you figure it out,
that this woman had filled you out
and taught you all about-

Whats kool,
and what's for fools
who rules
and how to fuel
your vesicle
with the koolest
of the real hustle

Crisp Apple Cider

Inspiration: One of the ladies in my dorm really likes apple juice, and I have to pee so..
Word/phrase:Apple Cider

Crisp Apple Cider-
was the only thing that could disguise the smell,
it was a remedy of loneliness and open ears
that I despised, yet lusted for.

It smelt like,
tear drops had fallin' there,
and landed like iridescent snow flakes
on sweet cheeks,
lined with sweet tea.

You  couldn't see me teeth,
they were covered by hateful
bars of metal attempting to fix my smile,
but I made it fit my style,
and I rocked it.

Everything done,
was to cover up the loniness,
that lingered there-
that stayed there-
that destroyed all the life there.

And the residue-
of the mess of you,
was very much-
still edged on my lips-
pressed on my hips-
stuck in my nest,
trapping me-
keeping me.

Elapsing over me,
from being

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Shadows of My Blood

Inspiration: Shadows

Stare closely
as the shadows
of my blood
spread rapidly

like hungry demons
looking for a hurtin' soul.

Quiet now
they're closer now
steadily becoming
more prevalent in your surrounding
my secrets are around thee
my demons are around thee
My shadows are becoming me.

Lust before Love

Inspiration: I started this poem a while ago, and never finished it
Word: Acceptance

All I ever asked for
All I wanted for
was on the tip of your tongue,
the graze of your breath.

But I couldn't access it
hack at it
hack into you.

See I was feelin' you
I was, likein' you style
your smile-
my fingers kept pressin'
as I called you
to hear that familiar bass
in your voice
one more again.

But again you dismissed me
to sprung out on that Hennessy
I was beggin' you to accept me.

And release your grasp
on your all too familiar flask
but you wouldn't have it...
you just had to have it

So I had to back away
from it
and you...

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Juice Box

Inspiration: So this girl in my dorm really likes apple juice
Word: box

If I could,
I would walk naked
on juice boxes
'til the weight of my toes
let out all its juiciness

If I could
I would walk naked
'til I found out where the juice was

If I could
I would walk naked
peering and pondering
your fondling
until I discovered why you wanted to
box it all up

If I could
I would walk naked
lean over
and take a long draw
and behold the ambience
of your straw

Monday, August 8, 2011

A Sentimental Mood

Inspiration: Listen to this as you read it, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lm8I_Gwy7cc&feature=fvst
Word: Speak

Speak your words
until I fall
the way
in love with them-
Let me roll my head back
and giggle,
As the coldness from your hands
sends chills up my spine-
Don't mind my quick smile
I have a knack for
or a lack of
frowns, when I'm fallin
in love-
Ya know you had me,
You spun me around and looked at me,
I oozed
a sentimental comfort
as my hair fell,
strand, by strand,
around the width of your hand-
I felt firm
when you grabbed me
It was like the sun was commin' up
inside me-
Insides burstin'
mouth thirstin'
body lusting
for the full embrace of you...
Just to have a taste of you
I wanted to caress you-
Caress me
as you have me,
Make me feel wanted and in love-
The mere gesture of your skin
touchin' mine
was enough to kill me-
Took my breath,
I inhaled as your love
slipped inside me,
Your tool denying me
and demanding it do all the work-
My body began to twirk
at the power of you
all the strength from you
took me,
up into a whimsical
dream better then love
we made our passion
seem better
than a fairytale
My body stood solid
as you told me
you loved me
and confirmed
this amazing
Sentimental Mood
I was feeling-

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Why Don't You

Inspiration: I was thinking about history I think.
Word: Screanin.

Why don't you,
tip toe on the backs of the screamin' graves
and listen to the stories of the unworthy
Aren't they filthy?
Did they scare you?
I bet they spooked you-

Why don't you,
tip toe into the scene 
and watch her scream as
his diabolic claws
tare through the barriers of an innocent-
Blood on the walls?
Don't run just-
watch the gun on your way out
pointing into the screamin' mouth
of the pretty brown babe
who tried to run from being made
Its not funny any more, is it?
The lifelessness of the names
plastered on every slave
plastered on every maid 
plastered on everyone, who, made us-
It's like we've always be pieces of clay
broken into conformity 
by a heavy kneading and a heartless beating 
Why don't you,
try to understand the feelings of
the lost as they lost 
the one that was their all.
See family had no root,
has no root,
because of the misplaced stem cells,
and the maddening white cells,
that creeped between young african thighs
and corrupted the blood line.
Why do they lie,
Would I lie?
About the quiet history
About this sick mystery
that brought us here,
that changed are lives
and provoked us to fight.
Why don't you,
sit down and watch the struggle,
Betta yet,
Why don't you,
get up and be apart of it,
Stop it.
Be more the N word,
and show the world the Nubian Prince
that your people were,
before they were sent into
a bottomless journey of conformity 
of losing their unconventionality 
of being forced to deny their own beauty.
Why don't you,
ponder the greatness that made us
and instill it in everyone who is you
and force it upon everyone who isn't you
and feed it, to everyone who won't acknowledge you
and be it 
instead of the you they created 

Sing to Me Baby

Inspiration: I was watching the Soul Train Awards : )
Word: Sing

Sing me a song
that sounds like a summer breeze
and that flows through your bones with ease-
Sing me a song
that will, touch every part of my body
and comfort it,
Make it feel more delicious than delicious ever felt,
Let me get warmth from it.
Can I dangle between the vibrations in your voice
and dance barefoot on the echos of your sweet melody
Your remedy of patience and of strength
make me reminisce about the power
betwixt my thighs
Can I get a high five?
Or a round of applause-
because baby, I just told you who was boss-
I schooled you,
with the way that I do what I do
and told you who's who,
in a relationship of
outlandish loving and unconventional titles-
I am the thread that weaves through our relationship
and makes its sturdy
while you, dangerous lover,
are that peculiar piece of cloth
that I took a liking to
decided that I wanted to do...
something with it
so I used you-
But not just to do you,
but to learn you,
so we can learn each otha,
grow togetha,
and become somethin' unearthly-
because baby, the world's simply unready
for our blazing love and the affect of our touch
Have you had enough?
Because I could go on forever with uninnocent ramblings
of the way you sing my love
song -
But I'll stop now,
because I've said a little too much now.
I'll let the eccentricities of our passion
stay quietly tucked under the belly of
our souls holding one anotha

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Toxic Waste

Inspiration: My mom sprayed air freshener and I could spell it.
Good: Linger

Lingering spirits of the unwanted
whisper to the unknown,
and form a type of bond
stuck firmly together
by hurting love and
innocent hearts
twisted into this existence
with a tinge of evil
but drenched in rushed lust
to make up for lost time
to make up for lost life
to overcompensate for
the unresolved strife
soon to come
and still to dwell
in their unsatisfying living.