Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It was kool

Inspiration: Thinking about how "kool" college is.
Word: Kool

It was kool when I talked to you
and you answered back
with an approach
to life
without the wack jokes

See it was kool when I looked at you
and you offered a smile
that read like Eddy King,
Seeing the dope man sing.

Man it was kooler,
to holler at you,
and watch you arch your back,
as you attempted to poke your chest out-
to be a man like that

It was even kooler to laugh at you
as I witnessed your hustle
and saw you try and muscle
your way into life's wonders

And it was fabulous to joke at you
(can't say kool for that)
as you realized you weren't entitled
and in fact you had to work

It was kool to stare at you
as I watched you grow,
from an ignorant young genital
into a man who knows-

And it was damn kool to get with you,
once you figure it out,
that this woman had filled you out
and taught you all about-

Whats kool,
and what's for fools
who rules
and how to fuel
your vesicle
with the koolest
of the real hustle

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