Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Crisp Apple Cider

Inspiration: One of the ladies in my dorm really likes apple juice, and I have to pee so..
Word/phrase:Apple Cider

Crisp Apple Cider-
was the only thing that could disguise the smell,
it was a remedy of loneliness and open ears
that I despised, yet lusted for.

It smelt like,
tear drops had fallin' there,
and landed like iridescent snow flakes
on sweet cheeks,
lined with sweet tea.

You  couldn't see me teeth,
they were covered by hateful
bars of metal attempting to fix my smile,
but I made it fit my style,
and I rocked it.

Everything done,
was to cover up the loniness,
that lingered there-
that stayed there-
that destroyed all the life there.

And the residue-
of the mess of you,
was very much-
still edged on my lips-
pressed on my hips-
stuck in my nest,
trapping me-
keeping me.

Elapsing over me,
from being

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