Monday, August 8, 2011

A Sentimental Mood

Inspiration: Listen to this as you read it,
Word: Speak

Speak your words
until I fall
the way
in love with them-
Let me roll my head back
and giggle,
As the coldness from your hands
sends chills up my spine-
Don't mind my quick smile
I have a knack for
or a lack of
frowns, when I'm fallin
in love-
Ya know you had me,
You spun me around and looked at me,
I oozed
a sentimental comfort
as my hair fell,
strand, by strand,
around the width of your hand-
I felt firm
when you grabbed me
It was like the sun was commin' up
inside me-
Insides burstin'
mouth thirstin'
body lusting
for the full embrace of you...
Just to have a taste of you
I wanted to caress you-
Caress me
as you have me,
Make me feel wanted and in love-
The mere gesture of your skin
touchin' mine
was enough to kill me-
Took my breath,
I inhaled as your love
slipped inside me,
Your tool denying me
and demanding it do all the work-
My body began to twirk
at the power of you
all the strength from you
took me,
up into a whimsical
dream better then love
we made our passion
seem better
than a fairytale
My body stood solid
as you told me
you loved me
and confirmed
this amazing
Sentimental Mood
I was feeling-

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