Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sing to Me Baby

Inspiration: I was watching the Soul Train Awards : )
Word: Sing

Sing me a song
that sounds like a summer breeze
and that flows through your bones with ease-
Sing me a song
that will, touch every part of my body
and comfort it,
Make it feel more delicious than delicious ever felt,
Let me get warmth from it.
Can I dangle between the vibrations in your voice
and dance barefoot on the echos of your sweet melody
Your remedy of patience and of strength
make me reminisce about the power
betwixt my thighs
Can I get a high five?
Or a round of applause-
because baby, I just told you who was boss-
I schooled you,
with the way that I do what I do
and told you who's who,
in a relationship of
outlandish loving and unconventional titles-
I am the thread that weaves through our relationship
and makes its sturdy
while you, dangerous lover,
are that peculiar piece of cloth
that I took a liking to
decided that I wanted to do...
something with it
so I used you-
But not just to do you,
but to learn you,
so we can learn each otha,
grow togetha,
and become somethin' unearthly-
because baby, the world's simply unready
for our blazing love and the affect of our touch
Have you had enough?
Because I could go on forever with uninnocent ramblings
of the way you sing my love
song -
But I'll stop now,
because I've said a little too much now.
I'll let the eccentricities of our passion
stay quietly tucked under the belly of
our souls holding one anotha

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