Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lingering Pain

Inspiration: That feeling when something that's been troubling you won't go away.
Word: Linger

So the linger of her teardrops,
wouldn't melt away.

They sat heavily on her-
swadling her
in array of lone feelings
and mis-managed dealings.

She hadn't figured it out yet,
she didn't know what this thing was about yet.

Lost and confused,
she let it weigh on her-
it stripped her name from her.

She became a prisoner to it
lost to it,
didn't have enough soul to run from it.

The lost one couldn't fight it,
it bit at her
happily, because she was clueless-
had no idea how to stop it.

She then became about it.
She allowed herself to return to it.

So it was no longer a linger
but it was her, she was it.

So she let her body decompose
as it.

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