Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Lust before Love

Inspiration: I started this poem a while ago, and never finished it
Word: Acceptance

All I ever asked for
All I wanted for
was on the tip of your tongue,
the graze of your breath.

But I couldn't access it
hack at it
hack into you.

See I was feelin' you
I was, likein' you style
your smile-
my fingers kept pressin'
as I called you
to hear that familiar bass
in your voice
one more again.

But again you dismissed me
to sprung out on that Hennessy
I was beggin' you to accept me.

And release your grasp
on your all too familiar flask
but you wouldn't have it...
you just had to have it

So I had to back away
from it
and you...

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