Friday, April 6, 2012

The Truth.

Inspiration: Welp, about a day ago this is exactly how I felt.
word: Confused.

I feel lost today
I'm awfully conflicted
down right confused

I know nothing
(nor how I should be used)
I feel rotten or senseless-

I want meaning
I dream for cause
I want to be known
learned of
and practiced

I want to be something
stirred by purpose
I want the world to know this

I want to be forgiven
and loved
I want passion
the soul of Aphrodite

I want to feed the hungry
teach the world peace
I want to pray for all of those
lost and diseased
I want to love the loveless
heal the grieving

I want-
to hear my dad laugh.
(perfect and painless)

I want to do
I yearn to be
I'm rather confused
and I don't know

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