Sunday, June 12, 2011


Inspiration: I was at Micky D's and someone bought this homeless man a meal
Word: Story

It's not polite to stare
but I couldn't help it
he, fascinated me

watched him,
as he, used every muscle in his chin
to simply chew
It was funny actually,
witnessing him bring his bottom lip
all, the way up, to his nose
I smiled at the gestures of this sweet homeless man

Someone had just given him a meal
His rapid chewing
and little speech
said thank you.

I found myself tracing along all
of his facial lines
his journey

His face, see, told a story
a novel really
His eyelids, were heavy
He took long blinks
and sat perfectly still

It was, I guess eloquent
to watch,
to stare,
at the normality,
yet remarkable beauty,

In this sweet homeless man.

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