Sunday, June 26, 2011

Missing Friend

Inspiration: Just thinking of some of the friends I've had in my life.
Word: Missing

We were friends once
deeply rooted in our more than love
for one another
My heart, pumped,
when hers couldn't
My legs, stood,
when hers descended
She was my everything
See my momma told me to
"never give a man your everything"
So I gave it to my friend
hopein', she wouldn't lose it
or abuse it
but Jesus My Lord she did
and I responded, to it
I grew hard
My river of love for her
turned into a dying sea of
I hated
yes hated
more than I had ever loved
"Hell hath no fury,
like a woman scorned"
Yes I was scorned
My skin prickled
at the thought of her
and lapsed into nothing
but blood
because of the lack of touch
that belonged to the warming hug
of this missing friend
My friend had gone missing
this thing called jealousy and
envy had takin' her from me
It had sucked her up,
really vacuumed her,
into a cocoon
of vengeful demons
attempting to chastise me
But my God all I can do is
Sing loudly and with melody
in hopes that she might hear me
Hear the compassion of the tenor in my voice
and feel the feeling of the soprano in my tongue
embrace the friendship sung from my lips
And understand that our endearment
is worth more than rubies
Come back to me,

Missing Friend

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