Sunday, July 31, 2011

Shoo Fly! Don't bother me!

Inspiration: There's a fly in my room!!!!!
Word: Irritation

So I had to surrender
to irritation at it's fines.
The horrendous beat of it
dwindled down to my spine
and destroyed me.

I was overcome by it.
It's ugliness.
My anxiety grew
as it laid across my bare skin.

Un hand me! Beast!
Must you creep up my legs
and run down my hand
until my poor skin has unraveled
in attempts to dismiss your ugly,
your annoyance,
damn you're arrogant.

Your need to wander into my space
and vex my every nerve
serves true to that fact

that you probably weren't hugged as a child
or you merely have a knack for being a true

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