Saturday, July 16, 2011

Proclaim thy Lord

Inspiration: Looking at the sky, and thinking about a talk I had with my friend Katie.
Word: Proclaim

If my sky's blue
do you see blue too?

Does the wind bite you in the same way?
Did it storm in your world yesterday?

I can not understand,
(nor do I want to)
the complexities of this land.

Like my hand!
A hand?

What art work
crafted by the world's only best.
Stitched with lines, vines

Please define the unhappiness
struck to my chest
at the sight your hand's
hand holding another

And my brother?
He has my blood too?
He sheds my blood, too?

Final land given
to be destroyed-
(until the second death).

Such madness,
such a hell won't prevail
until veiled with evil
and bonded forever.

Deceitful presence of another,
led them there.

Killed by Vengeance
Loved by Vengeance
but all destroyed
by Vengeance

Vengeful people
unhell me.

We live in a world
not lacking
familiarities to get lost in
to seek Pentecost again
to see your love, again

Love again another today,
cry for me another day,
feel everlasting pain everyday

or seek Lord and proclaim him yours
and always

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