Sunday, November 13, 2011


Inspiration: Thinking of what of what a safe relationship means
Word: Reassurance

It was more than a touch.
The gentle serenity tore a small
puncture into my thoughts,
where the supreme nature of another being
poured ingredients of sound laughter into the depths
of my untouched song.

Sitting stilly,
it felt as though I had tilted my head back,
and allowed for a rhythmic blues
to sprinkle purple rain down the center
of my spine.

I was more than touched
by the tender gesture of my outward layer
being woken up only
to drift to sweet sleep,
not laboriously,
just simple, with ease
with no upsetting parts of me,
just a blissful satisfaction.

An appreciation for warmth
now covered me,
My arms squeezed tightly together
surrounded by a subtle force
allowing me to sense reassurance.

Having faith in an ideal of a never changing
my thoughts became lost
in the touch of my being
becoming overcome by warmth.

I had an unprideful gratitude
for the elapsed unceasing idea of
I have been given the gift
of an aura of safeness
dripping from every part
of our relationship.

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