Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fly High

Inspiration: I can't remember (This is meant to be read fast)
Word: Fly High.

They told me to fly high
and break free
So I did so, do so
Not hastily just
with a passion
of floating foreva'
and embracing the disgrace
of my familiarity,
I mean to break it all free-
I'm flyin' so I'm dyin'
killing all humbling thoughts
of a never better tomorrow-
My demons flee from me,
run towards a dream to escape me
to hurt some devastatingly young
fetus, with no thoughts of tomorrow
just thinking its own life the greatest,
it rapes it, quick hatred
just to teach it, how to escape it
so when the hated fetus grows old enough
to make it,
It flys high,
to break free

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