Saturday, November 5, 2011

I Am Queen

Inspiration: What it feels like being me
Word: Here

Always walkin' on tip toes
hesitantly swaying my weight
from toe to toe

quickly moving-
short breaths
by heavy breathing

I'm here, ya know?
Did you feel my presence?
Did you recognize my vibe?
Could you see
the trouble
behind my eyes...

I'm here, ya know!
yet neglected
because of such an
outward appearance
I'm here, ya know!

Square on-
Roundly dancin' in yo' face

I'm here, just like the rest,
but better,
I'm here, strivin' for the best
but harder,
I'm here, lovin'
but more fiercely
I'm here, livin'
but real-ly
but the reality
of my livin'
won't accept me-
the reality
of my livin'
won't look at me-

I'm not right enough
for the righteous,
but the righteous here
know no right
but the us in them exclude me.

I'm not the typical copy
of a reflected adolescent-
I've learned to walk slow
not press into the world
with too much of my soul-
I've learned to drip
my lavish tastiness
so that all may learn
how to savor it!

I'm savoring me,
saving me!
Erupting my beauty
caressing my heat-
My strength
weights down the burden
of an ill sung song,
my lips quack a melody
too furnished with un malice whisperings
for you to follow along.

Hung on my neck
is a sign of force
driven to my chest
where you'll find
no more remorse
carried through my arms
where I've written off my mistakes
dropped off at my hips,
where I allow the world to embrace
flown down to my legs
where I hold thunder with lightening
stumped down to my feet
where no man can keep up
with such a rhythmic

I've got that
so much of it that
no one can erode my sweet.

I am a queen
and gracefully, I accept all challenges
and will convey what was such a defaced message,
of what it means to be
such a dazzling
human being

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