Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Runner

Inspiration: My feet are cold, and the other day I was watching a little bit of The Runaway Bride.
Word: Cold Feet

She's got cold feet.
iced over
what if?
Her ifs
run to- a
never ending close
of things
she could have done, things
she could have said
things she could have
been, dread- dread
comes over her, truly
becomes her, she
swallows her pride
and drowns herself
in the silence of not
But the it begins to
roar and begs
her to listen
and act
on its behalf
and she runs
towards the life
she never had,
the quiet she never
heard, the love she
thought would hurt.
She runs towards the
ideal of living, of
exhaling her doubts
and contorting herself
into a convoluted
dream of herself.

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