Monday, March 28, 2011

How I Became You

Inspiration: I was listing to ghost stories
Word: Six

For Six Hours I Became You
I dwelled inside your spirit
and explored the extend of your destitute
I smelt the odor that is you
and tasted the makings of your lips

For Six Hours I Studied You
I traced your face with hands
and photographed your body with eyes
I inhaled your confidence
and swallowed it with your breath

For Six Hours I Was You
I walked on the soles of your shoes
and greeted the souls in your life
I lived in your air
and gave air to new life
I felt through your issues
and solved them with your patience

I dwelled in your face
and explored your body
I smelt your confidence
and tasted your breath
I traced your soles
and photographed your souls
I inhaled your life
and savored your air
I walked in your life
I lived through your issues
and I felt your patience

For Six Hours I Became You

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